Friday, December 29, 2006

Weddings! Ahhh....

Today I go to my last wedding for the year. Kelly & Grant are getting married this evening. How lovely! I bought a new dress and everything! I can't wait! I'm singing and playing piano while they sign the register which makes me feel pretty special I must say. Weddings are so great, coz everyone comes together, everyone looks so pretty and they're all in a great mood. And we're celebrating 2 people in love. What could be better? *sigh* And the reception centre is soooooooo nice! You'll be getting lots of photos as usual!

Last night I figured out how to hook up my wii to wireless internet. Anyone else have a wii? We can hook our wii's up and be friends! :)

And something just for fun!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Drunk in police station

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Me On TV!

I'm going to be on tv tomorrow (Sunday) night! Look out for me in the Carols by Candelight choir! I'll be sitting in the second front row, and I'm the last girl on the right side of the stage (looking from the audience) before the guys start.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Carols Here I Come!

Tonight we had rehersals at the channel 9 studios for the carols by candelight on Christmas Eve. We got to sing with all the performers tonight, so I can now say I've sung with some pretty famous people. Yay! We have another rehearsal tomorrow night at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Don't forget to watch out for me on tv! I'm going to be rather tired on Christmas day I suspect.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Ok, so I need some help. I've been having an argument with my brother Guru about the fact that Josh Lucas and Matthew McConaughey look exactly the same. I am convinced that they were separated at birth. I watched half of 'Sweet Home Alabama' before I realised it was Josh and NOT Matthew! Guru claims I'm insane and they look nothing alike. For reference, Matthew is in 'How to lose a guy in 10 days", and Josh is in "Poseidon". There was even a joke on 'will and grace' (yes, sadly I watched it last week) about how they are practically the same person. Help me out guys!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Food For Thought

Inspired by the discussion on Glenn's blog (get in on that!), I thought I'd post a couple of quotes I heard the other day.

Quote 1:
"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." What do you think that means for how we live? How large is our perspective?

Quote 2:
"Power is made by power being taken" Do you agree? I think I do. Mostly anyway, I can think of times when that isn't true, but I think mostly it is.

Friday, December 15, 2006


At 2am on Dec 14th, Chrystal & Danny (Dboy) welcomed a son into the world! Isaac David Symons. How exciting! All these new babies are amazing!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This is my goddaughter Yuna! She is just so pretty! She was one month old on Sunday. Isn't she adorable?! She belongs to Naomi & Courtney. Awwww! Naomi, Court & Yuna came over for dinner on Wednesday and I took a lot of photos.... Prepare for a grandmother like photo onslaught!

This is Yuna & I

A very attractive Luke & Yuna

This is Mum & Yuna

Naomi & Court


I think I hogged her for most of the evening...

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Some footage from Kelly's hens day!

I just got a call from Kelly saying that I made her cry! I'm playing the piano and singing while Grant & Kelly sign the register, and I recorded the song I'm going to sing for them and gave it to them on cd last night. Kelly just rang telling me I made her cry. Awww!!!!

Don't forget to click on these sites every day. It's a small and easy way to make a practical difference. It only takes one minute of your time!
The breast cancer site
The hunger site
The child health site
The literacy site
The rainforrest site
The animal rescue site

Friday, December 08, 2006

Tragic City...

Oh this is so sad...

And a happy happy birthday to Kathryn!!! Much love to you!

Monday, December 04, 2006

So Much Fun!

I have so much to report on. I've had an incredibly busy week. Last week was exam week, some good, some bad. Overall not terribly tragic. It's all over now which is nice!

Friday night I went to see Bob Evans! He's the lead singer of Jebediah performing under an alias. His real name is Kevin Mitchell. I bought his album 'suburban songbook' a few weeks ago and I just love it. If you like his music, he puts on a good show, so get along to see him!

Saturday morning I had another choir rehersal for the carols thing. It's sounding good!

Then Saturday arvo/night it was Kelly's hen's night! We had soooooooooooo much fun! First of all we went pole dancing. We took a class that went for about an hour and a half. We weren't that sexy really, but we had a ball! Then we headed back to Amanda's for silly games and dinner, then we went out clubbing at Marquee. I usually hate clubbing, but I really had fun! Didn't get home til about 4am, so I was pretty stuffed the next day, but it was so worth it! Prepare for all the photos!

This is Anna & I in the car before pole dancing

This is the group of us just after we finished pole dancing

Kelly & her mum Chris

Lisa with my hair on her head

Me drinking a Margarita

Anna wearing one of Kelly's feather boas

Kelly with the penis pinata her mum made! Haha!

Us doing pole dancing! That's Alison at the front.

Kelly all dolled up

Kathryn & Lisa doing their sexy faces

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Sooooooo tired... I've had 5 hours sleep the last 3 nights in a row. I'm wrecked. Going to sleep for a long time now...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Carols By Candlelight

For those of you that don't know, every year in Melbourne there is a big 'Carols by Candlelight' service at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. That's a huge outdoor music venue in the city. There are lots of solo performers each year and a big choir (about 150 people) that sing with them, and also sing carols on their own. This year I'm in the choir!

There are over 10,000 people there every year, and many, many more watching on tv. We had our first choir rehersal on Saturday morning. It sounded so impressive! It's a lot of fun. I was slightly skeptical going into it, but it really is great! And I get to do it with Kathryn, Lisa & Jacqui, so that's even more fun! I tell you what, the prissy choir women are so funny! It's like the higher the note you can sing, the better a person you are. What a crack up! Some people take it a bit too seriously. Not to say it's a joke, but I think they need to chill out a bit. Anyway, I'm really enjoying it. Watch for me on tv!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Blug frink durn...

That's about how well my brain is functioning right now. So much information... I've been studying for an exam I have tomorrow. It's all very interesting. It's a social psych exam, one of my favourite topics, but it's just so much information to try to remember at once. I'm feeling pretty confident about the exam though, so that's good.

I'm running a stall at the moment at church, and maybe other places eventually for 'Arguably The World's Most Useful Gift Catalogue'. Check out the online store here. Very worthwhile stuff!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable about having so much, when others have so little? Ever felt embarrassed about giving, or receiving a gift, when others go without? The gifts in this catalogue show friends and family we care, and provide really useful things for people in need. They're gifts for the people with much and for the people with little. You won't find lava lamps, fat-free chocolates or singing salmon inside this catalogue. Instead, you'll find the tree seedlings and toilets, goats and glasses that transform the lives of the world's poorest people.

This is one of the practical things we can do I was talking about in my last post. Watch the 2 minute video here

Thursday, November 23, 2006

What Can We Do?

Well I've talked a lot about justice and compassion, but what can we actually do short of moving to Africa? Hopefully I can give you some practical ideas of how to move forward with these massive ideas of global justice and compassion for all peoples.

Check this out. Arguably The World's Most Useful Gift Catalogue. We all have so much. I certainly don't need anything, but there are many things I want. I assume most of us are in the same boat. Instead of filling our lives with more 'stuff', what about giving to someone this Christmas who really needs, instead of giving superfluous things to people around us. Check it out.

Check out this site: Make Poverty History. You can sign the pledge to do your bit. Wear a white band, raise awareness. It's a great conversation starter with people. Read up on the website about things you can do to help. Send emails to politicians. Most of the time they draft them for you. You can cut and paste the email and send it in to have your voice heard.

If you're a Christian, check out this site: Micah Challenge. They are a sister organisation to MPH, but a Christian one. They talk a lot about how all of this relates to the Bible and that it is not a secular movement. Pray about these issues. Raise awareness in your churches and call for action.

Oxfam Australia do some wonderful things too. Check out their site to see how you can be invovled.

There are things like emailing Peter Costello, sending a Christmas card to John Howard, signing the online pledges with MPH and MC, subscribe to email updates to keep informed, run a TEAR stall to sell those gifts for others, buy things that support fair trade, be informed about the products you buy, don't support those who explot those in other countries.

There are so many practical things you can do. But most importantly, educate yourself. Find out what is going on in the world and figure out how you fit into that. Obviously we can't do everything, but if everyone does something we will make a difference.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Report!

Before I start, Glenn got himself a blog!

As promised, here it is! I have so much to say, I'll have to do it in little spurts I think. There is so much to say and so much action to take! It's all so exciting! I am totally passionate about the issues associated with caring for all our fellow humans. Let's stand together and not just think it's a nice idea, but live for change in our world!

More about action in days to come, I'll give you some easy practical steps we can all take to affect change in our world. For now, let me bang on about the concert on Friday night for a while. The most amazing concert I've ever been to! Such incredible acts! Such a great cause! It was amazing to see so many people united for a sole cause! Make Poverty History! We can do it! As Tim Costello said, we are the first generation that can make poverty history! We just need the will!

Here come the photos! You'll get them in alphabetical order of file name! This is Brent & I about 3/4 of the way through the night.

The overwhelmingly excited crowd! Well a small portion of them anyway. We got glow sticks that said "Make Poverty History" on them.

A long shot of the incredible Eskimo Joe! I'm in love with their music anew!

A photo of Evermore (well 2/3 of them anyway) on the big screen with the giant banner. Surprisingly they got the biggest response from the audience on the night! I generally like them, but they were the worst act.

There were about 4 giant beach balls with 'MAKE POVERTY HISTORY' on them being knocked around. Very fun!

The John Butler Trio! My favourite act of the night! They were incredible! I have also fallen in love with their music anew.

Jet closed the show and they were great. I'm loving their new music! However, the lead singer was chewing gum the whole time! Who does that?!

Kathryn & I at the Make Poverty History festival on the Saturday. Notice my lovely sunburn from the previous day...

This is Kathryn (also at the festival on Saturday) carying a bucket on her head to get water, in a kind of simuation for what people in third world countries have to do.

Lior singing a beautiful Hebrew prayer called 'Avinu Nalkeinu'

The boys I went to the concert with (Minus Rob). From left to right: Mark, Jad, Brent & Glenn

Paul Kelly. Brilliant!

A seriously over-exposed photo of Rob.

The wonderful Sarah Blasko. I adore her music. But she does look quite weird on stage. I think it's the way she moves.

And UJam!!! Who are they you ask? Well it's Pearl Jam, & Bono & The Edge from U2! Unbelievable! As a special surprise thing they opened the show with a kick arse song called 'Rockin in the free world'. All about making poverty history. It was soooooooo good! Bono is seriously a hero of mine!

Well there is my concert report. Much more still to come!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Make Poverty History

I have so much to tell you! The concert was incredible! In case you couldn't tell from my last post... The festival today was amazing too! I have lots of photos and lots to tell you. It's all been amazing and inspiring! Right now I'm sore and tired, so I'm going to go to bed. I'm sick and have lost my voice. Which is not so good seeing as I'm worship leading at church tomorrow... That might be interesting... I'll post photos and tell you all about it when I get some time. Busy weekend!


Make Poverty History


Full report coming. For now, I must sleep. I'm stuffed. BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

MPH Here I come!!!

I'm leaving now to get in line for the Make Poverty History concert! I'm so excited!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Darfur Update

I found a great site that gives good, concise information about what's going on Darfur. Check this site out. Wikipedia also has some really good up to date information about what is being done about it.

There is some good news in the mdist of all the tragedy. After fighting worsened in July and August, on August 31, 2006, the United Nations Security Council approved Resolution 1706 which called for a new 20,000-troop UN peacekeeping force to supplant or supplement a poorly funded, ill-equipped 7,000-troop African Union Mission in Sudan peacekeeping force. Sudan strongly objected to the resolution and said that it would see the UN forces in the region as foreign invaders. The next day, the Sudanese military launched a major offensive in the region.

Wikipedia says:
On August 31, the UNSC approved a resolution to send a new peacekeeping force of 20,000 to the region. Sudan has expressed strong opposition to the resolution. On September 1, AU officials reported that Sudan has launched a major offensive in Darfur. According to the AU, over 20 people were killed and 1,000 were displaced during clashes that began earlier in the week. On September 5, Sudan has asked the AU force in Darfur to leave the region by the end of the month, adding that "they have no right to transfer this assignment to the United Nations or any other party. This right rests with the government of Sudan." On September 4, in a move not viewed as surprising, Chad's president Idriss Déby voiced support for the new UN peacekeeping force. The AU, whose peacekeeping force mandate expires on September 30, has confirmed that they will do so. The next day, however, a senior US State Department official who declined to be identified, told reporters that the AU force might remain in the region past the deadline, citing this possibility as a "viable, live option."

It looks like the UN has stepped in unwanted and caused even more problems, but I don't think that's the case. The innocent people of Sudan need to be protected. There are militia armies out of control doing unspeakable things to the people of Sudan and this needs to be stopped. It's Rwanda again! Since Feb 2003 an estimated 180,000 people have been killed! That's unbelievable!!!

So it seems that Sudan is still suffering from extreme acts of violence, poverty and hunger. But at least the UN has stepped in and decided to help the Sudanese people attempt to being the process of disengaging the conflict.

Don't forget about the free MPH festival this Saturday, especially if you missed out on tickets to the concert on Friday night. I can't wait! There are free screenings of the concert at places in Melbourne if you're not going on Friday night. Check out the docklands one, some great live bands are playing there too.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sick & Unearthed

I've managed to get sick. Doh! We just did some stuff on the relationship between stress and the common cold at uni yesterday. Seems appropriate. Being the end of semester I have lots of work to do, and now I'm sick. Doh. Fun things like a swollen throat, blocked sinuses, watery eyes. Yay... Twice today I blew my nose so much I made it bleed. I'm sure you wanted to know that!

Just got back from something called 'unearthed' run by a group called Global Interaction. Great stuff about mission in today's society. Lots of interesting things about how we get sucked in by what western culture tells us we should strive for, and what's really important. I guess the aim was to provoke thought and get people thinking about how we affect those around us and what our priorities are. Who do we live for? What is important to us? How do we live? Are we consumers? Or do we seek to make a positive difference?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Gotta love John Mayer! I adore his music. He is a real musician. This is him on Rove live a couple of weeks ago. So good!

Plus he has great hair these days...

Yes, I have discovered YouTube, and I am addicted!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Now I think Wikipedia is great, but lately it's become a point of amusement! One of my favourite radio shows 'Get This' has been encouraging people to 'vandalise' particular Wikipedia pages. It's hilarious! Check out the pages of the hosts of the show, Tony Martin & Ed Kavalee, & panelist Richard Marsland. You can't edit them anymore because of 'vandalism'! Haha! 'Get This' is one of the best radio shows around, although I found that it took a while to adjust to it. It's an aquired taste simply because of it's strange format. It doesn't sound like most radio shows, it has a distinct flavour. I love it now. They are self confessed geeks who are very, very funny! I'd love to hang out with them, I think they'd make me giggle like a school girl! The show is on Triple M from 9 - 10am weekdays. You can podcast it if you like. Well worth it!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Real Stories

Check out some of the segments from Hamish & Andy's tv show 'Real Stores'. Funny stuff!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Make Affluence History

Check this site out. It's an interesting site that works well in conjunction with the Make Poverty History campaign. It's Make Affluence History. It's about personal responsibility, not just lobbying for governments to relieve debt.

If you want to see how rich you are in comparison to the rest of the world, go here. You'll need to convert your earnings to British Pounds which you can do here.

If you missed out on the Make Poverty History concert tickets, you can still go to the festival the following day. That's free! Details here.

And don't forget to keep supporting the breast cancer site here. You can also link to other sites from there to support those in need without it costing you a cent! Just a few seconds!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh Bobby!

This is Bobby Flynn. One of the most amazing musicians I've ever seen. Ignore the fact that it's a dodgy Australian Idol audition and concentrate on how incredible he is.

I'd really appreciate some honest feedback on my new songs too. Please let me know what you really think! Really! If you think they're completely unoriginal then please tell me. Check them out here

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

Did anyone watch the finale last night?! I have never cried so much in a tv show in my life! The best season finale I've ever seen in a drama show! It was so well done and so intense and made me cry so damn much! I bought the snow patrol song they used in the show off itunes last night, 'chasing cars'. What a great song. I've always liked snow patrol, but now I love them! Sigh... such an incredible show. I am seriously moved. I want to cry every time I hear the song now. That show has such incredible character development and really sucks me in. Such a well written show! I am totally hooked. Wish I'd started watchig it earlier. I only started watching it when the code black this happened about 8 or so episodes ago. I'll have to get my hands on some earlier episodes I think.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Check Me Out!

Check me out! I have my very own MySpace! Some of my new tunes are up there, so have a squiz.

Here I Am!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Guess what?! I'm NOT at the Darfur rally/benefit concert. I'm so annoyed! I was at the train station with Rob, ready to get on the train and head into the city when I got a phone call from work asing if I could come in 15 minutes early. I forgot I was working today! Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! So I'm at work right now. Damnit!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I'm going to the make poverty history concert!!! Rob won tickets and he's taking me! He rocks! WHOO!!! I've entered about 16 times and haven't won. Yay for Rob!!!

Current Fav songs:

See ya Later - Mr. Dillon
You give me something - James Morrison
See You Today - Zoophyte
Smile - Lily Allen
But It's Better If You Do - Panic at the disco
Gone - The Butterfly Effect

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Make Poverty History Concert tickets went up today. You have to win them in an SMS competition. That's how they're raising the funds I guess. Good idea, except that I can't win tickets! :( Wire managed to win tickets. I hate him right now... Someone take me if they win tickets? I'll keep trying...

How cool is this?

From the bushfires in Hobart.

Don't forget! NOISE for Darfur, this Saturday 28 Oct, 12–6pm @ Federation Square, Main Stage.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I went and saw Boytown with a few people on Friday night. Great movie! It's really great Aussie comedy. I expected it to be ok and kinda funny, but it was really good! Funnier than I thought it would be. It certainly won't go down as one of the best movies of all time, but it's well worth a watch. Seeing Glenn Robbins in leather pants is slightly (ok, very) disturbing, but highly amusing at the same time! I love Bob Franklin! He cracks me up! I don't usually like Mick Malloy (he wrote and starred in it), but he is quite good in this. I despise his radio show, he's so disgusting sometimes (or often!)

It has the funniest dodgy boy band music ever! See the boys used to be in a boy band in the 80's. They were the original boyband, now they want to get the band back together, and it doesn't work at all. So they start writing music for women their own age. Very funny! Some of the song titles are: I cry, special time (of the month), picking the kids up from school, and love handles. Check it out! It's very funny!

Friday, October 20, 2006

What Can We Do?

NOISE for Darfur

Come show your support for the people of war torn Darfur and break the silence… make NOISE for Darfur! An initiative of the Darfur Australia Network (DAN), NOISE for Darfur will take place at Federation Square, Main Stage, on 28 October 2006 from 12pm – 6pm and will be the official launch of our organization and the finale of Refugee Week 2006.

Several bands will take to the stage at this free event, including The Inches, Felicity Hunter and Some Kind of Life as well as performances by Nuba Community Dance and the Darfur Community Association. The day will also include informational speakers, an email letter send-off to Alexander Downer, partner NGO and food stalls, and a "kid's marquee" where Aussie and Darfuri kids will together paint a huge map of Darfur to "put Darfur on the map."

What: NOISE for Darfur

When: Saturday 28 October 2006
12pm – 6pm

Where: Federation Square , Main Stage

Cost: Free

For further information regarding this event please contact:

Samm Steains on 0412 688 325

On another social justice note, do something with the make poverty history camapign here. It'll only take a second.

And Make Poverty History are putting on a killer concert which I'm definitely going to! The Make Poverty History concert is on Friday November 17. The line up includes Sarah Blasko, Eskimo Joe, Evermore, the Hilltop Hoods, the John Butler Trio and Paul Kelly. How exciting is that?! Tickets go on sale on October 25. Check it out here!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

*Sob Sob*

They still haven't called me. I'm not sure why they keep telling me they'll call me if they're not going to. :(

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ANOTHER Update...

So it seems that fox keeps telling me one thing and doing another. Let's hope it's for real (just for you Wire) this time! Or for fake, which ever one works. Ok, so no one except Wire will get that. But that's ok. Anyway, it seems that I am going to precord the segment at 2pm tomorrow and I'll be on the Hamish & Andy show tomorrow. Let's hope that's true this time...

I've had a great 24 hours! First of all my friend Brandon from Canada (who I lived near in Tassie) was flying home to Canada and had an overnight layover in Melb, so he stayed at my place last night. He also bought another friend of his from Canada (who is currently living in the Barossa Valley SA) with him, Dave. By the way, I just LOVE the Canadian accent!!! So I picked the boys up from the airport and we headed out to dinner. Dave got a ridiculously big bowl of risotto that he a third of the way through, I did about the same with a giant bowl of pasta. Sofia's serves up giant meals! I'd forgotten how big they were! After that we headed home, watched some tv, then off to bed.

In the morning we got up super early (for me anyway) and drove to the airport. We dropped Brandon off, had some interesting luggage fun, got a parking fine, then Dave & I headed into the city for the day. It was fun showing someone around, I got to see some stuff I don't usually bother with. We had some late breakfast at a nice cafe, then went to the art gallery at Federation Square. I love art galleries. I don't go enough! Then we wandered through the main shopping strech of the city, got some sushi and went to the botanical gardens for a picnic lunch. What a perfect day! It was such great weather too! Then we headed back to my place for a while, played a bit of pool, then I took Dave to the airport.

I've had such a nice day. I was slightly trepidacious about hanging out with someone I'd never met before, but he was great and I had a great time. I'm pretty sure he did too. Yay!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ok, so it looks like I'll be on air tomorrow @ about 5:45pm. I'm so excited!!! I thought there was a prize at the end of the week and there were lots of people in the running. Turns out there are only 2 people a day for 5 days. So I'm already in the top 10. And I thought there was a prize at the end of the week. Turns out someone wins every day! So now the chance is 1 in 2! WHOO!!! I want to go to the ARIA's in Sydney!!!


Looks like I'll be on the Hamish & Andy show tomorrow, not today. :( I was so psyched about it...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm Famous! AGAIN!!!

Listen to Hamish & Andy tomorrow (Monday!)! I'm going to be on!!!

Check it out! I'm in the new 'Charlotte's Web' trailer. Sure I'm so small you can't see me, but that's not the point! I'm in it! I'm not sure if you remember, but I worked as an extra on the movie last year. Check out the trailer here.

More photos from Tassie! This is a photo of Amy and her new baby Ezra. He had his one month birthday while I was there. He is so adorable! I want to steal him! Not in an actual stealing him kind of way if anyone from law enforcement is reading this.

And here's a close up of Ezra, it's a bit of an odd photo, he was grumpy and tired, but he's just so cute!

Amy & I doing our standard Zoolander face. I seem to have a lot of photos of me and someone doing a Zoolander face. What a great face!

And this is Paul, Josh & myself (from left to right). Paul is trying to make himself look as tall as Josh... I love these boys, it was so awesome to see them again!


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