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Friday, August 21, 2009

Yes, I am talking about the sweet talking, blood sucking, piano playing vampire from Twilight, Edward.

I am not in love with him, which appears to make me stand out against millions of girls around the world. And this is a fact that concerns me.

Yes, he's hot. We get it. He's hot, and he's utterly and irreversibly in love with Bella. But is love enough? I say no. I have nothing against love, and passionate love at that, but when it becomes an excuse for inexcusable behaviour there is a problem. He is controlling beyond reason. He tells her what to do, where she can go, and who she can be friends with. And because she loves him, she lets him control her. He even kidnaps her a couple of times, forcing her to be where he thinks she ought to be. All under the guise of keeping her safe. I do not doubt the lovely motives, but does that really make it ok? I say absolutely not!

This perfect ideal of Edward sets up a whole generation of young girls to get in abusive, controlling relationships. If he loves me, it's ok. He controls me because he cares. Then it's a slippery slope, from control to abuse. I'm not saying all controlling guys end up abusing their girlfriends/wives, but it lends itself to going in that direction.

Yes Edward never hurts her physically, but does that make it ok? Not in my book. Not that I have a book... you get my point though.

Love is not an excuse for poor behaviour. Controlling relationships are not ok and should not be set up as an over-romanticised ideal. Bella constantly gets mad at Edward, then forgives him as soon as she sees him coz he's so hot and she loves him! That is not ok! Girls need to be taught to respect themselves and expect men to respect them too, not offer up excuses for why they are not being respected.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Everyone's To Blame

I may be a little late jumping on the internet bashing band wagon, but I find it's still a topic I feel passionate about.
Someone asked me what I thought about it the other night and I still fired up about this issue. So here I am, back on the blog, my little virtual soap box!

I'm talking about the Kyle & Jackie O 'radio stunt' that 'shocked a nation'.
Side note: I'm so sick of the terms 'radio stunt' and 'shock jock'. Let's just ban them now. And stunt is not a strong enough word for what they did.

Whose fault is it? It's everyone's.

The mum is a horrendously irresponsible parent who has obviously done her daughter immense damage over the years, and appears to be continuing to do so. Any parent who would know about a daughter's rape and then ask her about it on air shouldn't have kids. I feel so bad for that girl. She will need some serious help. I pray she gets it.

And Kyle & Jackie O? Who cares if they didn't know she was raped! They put a 14 year old girl on their live radio show and asked her about her sex life. What did they think was going to happen?! There is no scenario where that turns out well. The girl was always going to lose. They clearly care about their ratings more than that girl. They used and abused her for entertainment purposes. She did not want to be there and she is below the age of consent. They are pathetic, abusive and irresponsible public figures and I'm ashamed they are Australian 'personalities'.

And Austero management? They are to blame too. They gave the segment the go ahead and let it go to air. They are just as bad as Kyle & Jackie O. Speaking of Jackie O, why is she not coping the blame? Why is it being shifted over to Kyle? Now I'm no fan of Kyle's, but why is it just his fault? Why does he get all the headlines when his co-host is just as deplorable as he is?

As you can see I'm still angry about it. And for a good piece on the story by Media Watch, click on the link below.

Media Watch on Kyle & Jackie O

Monday, August 10, 2009


I don't like Taylor Swift, but this is very cool!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Well yesterday I started my final teaching placement. I'm teaching full time for the next 5 weeks, then 9 weeks of classes, then I'm officially a teacher. Scary thought? Lock up your children...
I promise not to scar them. Too much.

So far so good. My supervising teachers are all lovely and I think I'm going to really enjoy this placement. Can I get a yay? Ok, I'll give myself one. YAY!
I feel confident (but hopefully not cocky!) that I'm equipped to do a good job. And if not, there are people around to help me.
Like I said, so far so good. But it is only day 2... They haven't destroyed my soul yet.


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