Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Scriveners Fancy

I can't recommend this site enough. Tony Martin is a genius! And Shaun Micallef is a guest writer this week.
It's updated weekly.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Monday, May 18, 2009

1st & Last

I got 8/8 for my footy tipping this week! Woot!

On another note, this is my last week of teaching rounds. It's gone so fast! This is week 5 of my placement at Heathdale Christian College. It's such an amazing school and I have truly loved my time there. I'd apply for a job there in a heartbeat if it wasn't so far away from my place! Stupid Werribee...
I am so impressed with the school. The staff treat both each other and the students with a real respect, and the students (well, most of them) respond by living up to the expectations that they will be responsible. I'm loving my classes, the kids have been great. I've had no major issues at all. Just kids getting distracted and talking, but what school doesn't have that! I'm glad none of them seem to be as bad as I was in high school! I was such a talker. Apologies to my teachers....
My supervising teachers are also fantastic. They don't treat me like a chore at all, but they really want to help me learn and succeed. I've had such much positive feedback. They're really encouraging. but they also provide me with constructive criticism in a really nice way. I'm learning a lot and really enjoying it.
I'll be sad to finish up, but I'll also relish getting my sleep ins back! I really really really miss sleeping in... Getting up at 6:15am is not my idea of fun... Anyone who knows me knows I am absolutely NOT a morning person!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Auto Tune

Wouldn't the news be more interesting if it was all auto tuned?

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Billy Elliot

I saw Billy Elliot (the stage musical, not the film) this week with my family. It is absolutely fantastic! I can highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

The talent of those young kids is amazing! There are 5 12 year old boys who take it in turn playing Billy Elliot. There are 7 shows a week, so they can't really keep up with the schedule at that age. There are also a heap of young girls (about the same age) who swap around. So there are really about 4 or 5 sets of cast members. All the adults do each night, but the kids take it in turns. It the others are anything like the ones we saw, they are all incredibly talented kids! So impressive!

The story line is also really powerful. There are a couple of different things going on at once and they play together beautifully. Because it's a stage production there are obviously restrictions with how you present things, but they have married them all together so well. I don't want to spoil it in case you don't know what happens. Powerful stuff though. I had a bit of a cry a few times.

The set is also very impressive. So many moving and rotating parts. There is so much creativity that's gone into this production. The music is great, the cast are amazing and the set is brilliant. It makes for a wonderful musical and a great night!

However, keep in mind a couple of things, if you're not into 12 year old cocky swearing, maybe stay away. There is a fair bit of language, personally I found it hilarious! There is something about swearing in such an accent that is so funny. I can't be offended with an accent like that!


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