Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Notebook

I watched this movie while I was away in SA, and I just bought it today and watched it again just then. Such an amazing movie. You should totally go and see it if you haven't already. Amazing acting, great story, very powerful. It's the film adaption of the book by Nicholas Sparks. It's mostly a love story, so it's a bit of a chick flick, but my uncle, dad and brother enjoyed it too, so it can't be too girly. Great flick! 2 thumbs up!

Monday, December 26, 2005

I'm Back!

Just some quick photos from my trip to South Australia. I'll give you a full report soon! This one is my Dad and my Aunty Sharon (Mum's sister)

This is Aunty Lynne (Mum's other sister) and I

This is Mum and I

This is (clockwise from back left) my Aunty Trisha (Mum's brother's wife), Mum, Luke, Nanna (Mum's Mum)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

All the best for tomorrow guys. Love you to all! Have a wodnerful Christmas!!! I'm having a great time up here in Whyalla, South Australia hanging out with all my extended family. I'll be back in Melbourne Tuesday night. Weather is gorgeous here, people are great, not much to do though... but it's all good. Enjoying myself immensly.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Still Here!

I'm in SA right now, it seems like I'll have a little bit of net access. No photos as of yet, don't have a usb connection here, but have taken plenty of photos already! Having an awesome time. It's my Nanna's 70th birthday today, so we're doing lots of family stuff. The weather is amazing up here! Yay for Whyalla weather!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I'm going away tomorrow for a week, so Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a safe Christmas and a truly wonderful time. I hope you spend it with people you love, and generally get into the Christmas Spirit. May we all be impacted by the true meaning of Christmas.

I took a silly photo of myself in some Christmas getup!


I'm so excited! I took 5 subjects this semester, and I have 4 of my results back. Just so you know, the marking system goes as follows:
HD - High Distinction
D - Distinction
C - Credit
P - Pass
F - Fail

I got 2 HD's and 2 D's, and I'm pretty sure I'm getting a HD for the one I don't know about yet. WHOO!!! I'm so happy!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Stuff 'n' Things

Before I get into it, a HUGE congratulations to Howie & Jenny who just got engaged! Except from Jenny's blog:
howie and i are engaged! he asked me in aisle three of woolworths, in front of the mobile phone biscuits. he was even down on one knee. although i was too, because the biscuits are on the second bottom row.

Well Christmas is almost upon us! 6 days to go! I swear I lost about 4 months this year. If you find them, please let me know, I'd love them back.

I went to the Boulevard in Ivanhoe tonight. It's a fancy rich street where people put up heaps of lights and decorations and stuff. It's not as good as it used to be, seems that people care less and less each year. It's kind of sad. Some friends of mine were singing carols there too, so that was kinda fun.

I took some photos with my phone, sorry about the crappiness of them, but my phone takes bad photos without good lighting. Hope you can see some of the lights and things that people put up. I meant to take Guru's digital camera, but I forgot. Doh!

Just so you know, I'm leaving for South Australia in 2 days. I head off at 5:30am Wednesday morning, so I won't be around for a while. So early... I'd like to blog while I'm away, but we'll see what kind of net access I get. I'm only away from the 21st til the 27th anyway.

Tell me what you're up to Christmas day! I'll be in SA obviously, Mum grew up there, so going to hang with the rellies. Should be great to catch up with everyone.



Yesterday was a good day! It was very Christmassy! Because we're going to South Australia for Christmas this year to spend it with mum's side of the family, we had our Christmas lunch with dad's side of the family. It was great fun. Lots of amazing yummy food (Yay for mum!), great company, oh and exciting presents of course! I got my mic, lead and stand from mum and dad (I'll get the other part of my present from them on Christmas day), perfume ('moonflower' from the body shop) from Luke, money from Uncle Barry & Aunty Karen, money and tops from Nanna. Lots of fun!

Then last night my church had their annual carols in the park. Although, due to weather (it didn't rain in the end anyway), we had it indoors. Rain in summer? Doh! Oh well, still was an awesome night. Our band just rocked. We had Chrystal and Diane on vocals, Hugh on bass, Danny & Dan on trumpet, Dad on trombone, Aaron on Tuba, Sky on flute, Andreas on drums, Graeme on percussion, and myself on Piano and vocals. I got lots of positive feedback from everyone, so yay! It was great fun, I like singing carols. O Holy Night is my favourite one, AND I managed to hit that super crazy high note at the end. Oh yeah! Good times!

Here is some of the tinsel I wore in my hair last night. There was like 3 metres of it. So much tinsel... It was a tad itchy, but still fun! It's holly tinsel! Isn't it awesome?!

I love Christmas.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I finally got me a microphone I can call my own! I went shopping yesterday morning with Rob (out to Mount Waverly!) and got a microphone, a stand and a lead. WHOO!!! All up we got everythign super cheap because we went to the place where Rob gets all his PA stuff for the Proclaimers. Ah, the life of a sound techie. All this stuff is part of my Christmas present from my parents. Aren't they wonderful? Oh yes they are! Answer your own question why don't you Megan. Why don't mind if I do!

Here is a picture of my wonderful new mic, still in the box. I have taken it out to have a look at it, but I'm not allowed to use it for another week. Doh! Oh well, here she is!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Out Of This World

I had a super cool dream last night that I was on another planet. There were a whole bunch of us, can't remember why. But we were trying to suss out the place without letting the locals know we were there. They were humans too though. Then the overcast sky cleared to show the most beautiful night sky. We could see so many planets, including earth (which was huge), and billions of stars. It was one of the most visually stunning dreams I have ever had. I adore space and astronomy.

Then for no apparent reason we were in a supermarket on this planet doing some shopping for Danny because he was going to cook for Chrystal. Then it because a musical and we were all singing about what and how he should cook. This all totally seemed normal and everyone was joining in.

There was also this weird bit where I was on a big toy train and we all had to find something to do, like some sort of weird real life action sequence or something. No idea what that was about.

Ingi & I also got a gig supporting Mal Webb. It was so cool! It was @ 303 on High st, Northcote. Oh, and I wrote an awesome song, that sounded a little like 'overkill' by Colin Hay. Great song! I even remember how it kinda went, so I'm going to try to recreate it. How exciting!

Also in my dream, Guru bought 'Napolean Dynamite', and I was really annoyed at him, coz I wanted to buy it.

I quite often have very vivid dreams that I can remember ever detail of.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


This just makes me sad and angry. Biz puts it articulately, see her blog for the story on Tookie. May God use his life to create lasting change.

EDIT: I decided to put Biz's blogs here:

Have you heard about Stan 'Tookie' Williams? I rarely take interest in American 'execution of ex-gang leaders' affairs, but this one blew me away when I heard about it first on Hack on Triple J. It's insane that anyone could execute that man, reformed, redeemed and saving lives. Execution on 13th Dec, fate lies in the hands of one Arnold Schwarzenegger (who the hell would have used that sentence three years ago?!).

I encourage you to read about this guy here so he'll at least leave some sort of legacy.

Oh, and you can send a christmas card to Tony Blair.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a dick. He decided that Tookie still deserved to die and as of 1 minute past midnight Dec 13th - bummy American time - he was put to death. There goes a symbol of hope for hundreds of African Americans wanting to get out of the gang game, a proflific anti-violence activist, and any chance white America has of showing they care about disaffected youth and the right of every human being of redemption and forgiveness. Sorry if I sound preachy, but this case deserves a high-horse stance. Long Live Tookie.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


The last little while has been suprisingly busy! I expected to have a leisurely weekend, but oh no! I handed in my very last assignment for the year on Friday. WHOO!!! Ironically it was on anxiety... It is such an amazing feeling having everything finished for the year! I got some of my results back too. I did 5 subjects, and I have a HD (High Distinction) and a D (Distinction) so far. For those of you who don't know our tertiary marking system, they are the 2 highest marks you can get! WHOO!!! The D is for History which I thought I went the worst in! So I'm assuming that'll be the worst mark I get. YAY!

On the weekend (Saturday) I went to the St Andrews markets with Chrystal to buy beads and jewelry stuff. And we had felafel balls. Mmmm... felafel! We got so much stuff for $30! Best place ever to buy jewelry stuff! Then we quickly had lunch and went to see Alex in his end of year performance (he's a drama student/actor). It was on the 2002 bali bombings and generally anything in the media to do with Bali. It was really fantastic! Very thought provoking. From there we went to the Belgium Beer Garden. Oh yeah... such amazing Belgium beer! Then off to quickly have dinner and rush off to the jewelry making night Chrystal and I had organised. We had about 15 girls turn up and we made all sorts of things. We made earings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. I even taught some people how to make macrame jewelry. All in all an awesome night of connection, productivity and fun!

Then on Sunday I had a rehersal at 8:15am (for church that morning), I played piano and sang for that. Then I went to Danny & Chrystal's for lunch. There were 8 of us there I think, lots of and lots of fun! Chrystal is a fantastic cook and the company was second to none! Then off to a carols rehersal which I'm also playing piano and singing in. Then rushed off to Prahran to do a gig (which was really awesome), then rushed back to my church. The gig was for the Christmas street festival thing of the church of one of my lecturere's, Glen. Great people, we had a good time there! Busy busy day. Then just hung out with peopel afterwards until 2am. Long long day... long long weekend... but good times!

Yesterday I worked again. Lifeguarding is easy, but hot and boring. It's just so humid! But it's nice to be back there, I have great workmates and it money! WHOO!!! Then last night I went to Jenny's place to see her new house. She just moved out to Carlton. And we walked to Lygon st and got gelati. Mmmm... gelati.

Well I'm going to meet Nomes for Breakfast now, then we'll do some Christmas shopping. Hmmm... long blog today...

Monday, December 12, 2005

*Satisfied Sigh*

Life is good...

photo source

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Hills Are Alive!

I had a dream last night that I was on a camp with my college, and they were putting on a production of 'the sound of music'. And I wanted to be Maria, so they let me. I was singing a lot in my dream, and I actually sounded really good. Oh it was a good dream!

*bursts into song*

The hills are alive, with the sound of music!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Too Early!

I started work at 5:30am today! So wrong... Had to get up at 4:30am. Stupid open shift...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pretty Tree!

I took a fun photo last night of our Christmas tree. It had a slow shutter speed so it looks mad. It's a real tree, not that you can tell in this photo, all you can see are swirly lights really! I like it!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Long Day!

Before you forget, GIG TOMORROW (Sunday)!!! COME ALONG!!!

Well it feels like it's been a super long day! But a good day! This morning I woke up early (well 8:15am is early for a Saturday!) and went to the St Andrew's markets with Chrystal. We had an awesome time! Didn't buy much, but we're going back next week, so I'll get lots of stuff then. Then I spent the afternoon hanging out with Chrystal at my place doing music stuff and just having an awesome chat. She's a great chicky to hang out with!

Then I went and saw Wil Anderson do his show at Bar Open. Was a pretty good show. They were free tickets, so hey, I'm not complaining! I went there with Jenny, Alison and Sarah. I had a rather girly day really! He was pretty funny, but sometimes he just crossed the line and just went a bit too far. All in all it was a good show though.

Then tonight I went to my friend Natalie's house warming party. I study with her. I didn't think i was going to know anyone at the party, but I bumped into a girl I used to know called Jodie. Also Neale from church was there. How odd! We had fun, talked to some psycho hyper girls who kept us entertained! We did a kris kringle thing and I got a fun mobile phone charm thingy that is also a screen cleaner. Haha! It's a big pink flower on a bungy chord thing. We had to wear something Christmassy. I wore tinsel in my hair.

Now I'm very tired and need some spleep.

Friday, December 02, 2005


I feel like I've had such a crappy day. I've been so stressed this week. I'm exhausted.

Photo by Guru

Well I thought the stress of having to finish things at the last second was over. I realised only late last night that I have double booked myself for tonight. It is our college Christmas break up which I so desperately want to go to because all the American exchange students leave on Monday and I'll probably never see them again. This is the last chance I really have to see them. But I only found out late last night that I'm booked in to do a 10 minute puppet play for a play group Christmas break up! I totally did not realise that was tonight! CRAP!!!

Now I have to go do the puppet play thing which starts at 6:30pm, then rush off to the kingsley thing (which starts at 6pm), then maybe off to Friday Night Boardom after that. We'll see.

I had to write a script this morning. I'm actually pretty happy with it. It's all about Christmas carols. It's kinda fun. But sigh... I always do things at the last second. I totally need to work on my time management...

Thursday, December 01, 2005


SOMEONE!!! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!! My brain is just totally fried. I haven't slept much all week because I've had so much work to do. I wrote 2 assignments this morning (about 4000 words), and I read 250 pages last night. Too much... I can now say that I understand everything there is to know about capitalism. Well, maybe not everything, but a lot! I can't think anymore. Can I have a nap? No? No time? DAMNIT!


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