Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I'm leaving for Tassie today. Yay! I'm heading down south for 5 days for Biz & Kris' wedding. It's going to be great to see my Tassie friends again. The last time I was in Tas was in May for Amy & Troy's wedding. I'll be staying with them and their new baby! I'm so excited! I can't wait to meet Ezra! So it's goodbye from me for a few days.

Make sure you get down to our gig on Monday, that's the day I get home. It'll be lots and lots of fun! Details are:

Monday Oct 2nd (This Monday!)
279 Smith St Fitzroy
There is a small entrance fee, but I don't know what it'll be. Sorry!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Good Times

I've had a good few days, but a very tiring few days. I did 'synapse' over the weekend, which is a public speaking/preaching course run by Revvy & another guy from out church Stew. It was such a great weekend of learning and having stacks of fun. I learnt a lot! It was a lot fo information in a short period of time, and my brain was pretty fried by the end, but it was really valuable. Thanks guys!

Church last night was just fantastic! Everything came together, even though Ihadn't really done too much in the way of planning. I was worship leading and had no idea what I was going to say. Stew spoke, and we were just on the same wave length as far as topic goes. It was a small service because of the school holidays and Kate's birthday, but it was fantastic. It really was just what I needed to hear. Yay for God! A number of people came up to me after the service and told me it was as if I was speaking right to them, it was amazing! I was really just talking to myself more than anything I think. I love when things like that happen.

I got to meet someone famous today! Chrystal (mrs. Dboy) & I spent the day together shopping at Chadstone and having lunch, and we ran into Pat Rafter doing some signing at Target. I was going to take a photo of him, but the promo guy told me to get in the photo and he took a photo of us. Pat was such a lovely guy! I'll post the photo when I get home, I'm at work and can't get it to the computer right now. Yes, I'm blogging at work...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Great Day... Oops...

I'm having a great day at work. I just accidentally set off the silent alarm and the police showed up. Oops...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Barbukka Here We Come!

Well I booked another gig for us! Whoo!!! This time it's @ Barbukka which is just near Fibbers, where we played last time. I'm so excited! I have to design posters for this one, so I need some feedback. What works best? I have 4 different ads I can use.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Goodbye Steve

This morning I watched Steve Irwin's public memorial service on tv. It was fantastic! It was such a fitting tribute to a man who saw himself as just a regular Aussie trying to follow his passion for wildlife and conservation. It was very moving and really spoke about a man who had a huge and positive impact on everyone he met. I want to be remembered for that. He did so much with his life. No one can say that his was a life wasted. He was truly a good man who served others and loved everyone. I suggest you watch it if you get a chance to, it's really moving.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Get Excited!

Are we all impressed? So far I haven't cheated on my diet! Go me! And I already lost 1kg! How exciting is that?!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Shake It Up Baby!

So it seems that I have no discipline. I suck at trying to eat healthy and exercise on my own. I can keep it up for a while, but I never stick to it. So I'm doing a new diet plan thing. It's run through Terry White Pharmacy. Yes, this means I have to pay for it, but it'll be worth it. I sick of feeling terrible about the way I look, so I'm doing something about it. I have to drink these shakes instead of two meals a day. I have to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day and eat a minimum of 3 cups of vegetables, and eat 2 pieces of fruit. Then I have to have protein for one meal the size of my palm. I think it'll be ok. I'll just have to be really strict and stick to it. Yay for me!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Stuff & Nonsense Again

We played that song last night. Tim Finn rocks.

The gig was AWESOME!!! We had so much fun! Thanks so much to you guys who showed up. I love you so much! The 2 Jim's from Autumn Gray were awesome. Jim O'Neill has the most amazing voice! I thought we played really well, and Mr. Dillon were incredible as usual. The dude who organises the entertainment @ Fibbers really liked us, so we're getting more gigs there which is very exciting! I love it! I'd play for free, but don't tell him that. :)

On a different note, I'm disappointed that some of my so called good friends didn't come. I'm upset that they didn't want to support me in something that was so obviously important to me. They pretend to be my friends, but then they don't seem interested in my life. This has been building up for a while. There are a few in particular I can think of, but I won't name them. It makes me sad. Seriously.

A HUGE thank you to Rob (aka Orby) who did our sound for us last night. YOU ROCK!!! All the feedback I got was that our sound was the best of all of the bands, so a huge YAY for you! :)

I was going to say some other things, but I can't think what they were not.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm Famous!

Ok, so I'm not famous, but I was on the Hamish & Andy radio show on Tuesday. I called in. Go me! I hope I make the podcast! :)

Our gig is tonight. WHOO!!! Am I doing enough promo for it? Nah! Never!

Just got another invite to another wedding early next year. I think it's in Hobart though. Doh! All these Tassie weddings!

Someone rang this morning just before 7am and woke me up. I'm not happy Jan (If you're not an Aussie you won't get that). Soldier threatened he was going to do that, but it wasn't his voice. He may have got someone else to do it. If I find out it was you Soldier, you're a dead man. And I mean it...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Not sure I have that much to write at the moment. I am sooooooooooo excited about our gig tomorrow! Uni is going well. Lots of reading to do, not too many assignments at the moment, but I have a couple due in after our mid-semester break. This is the last week of classes before the holdiays. It's weird, I feel like we just started! I'm loving all my subjects this semester which is great. I'm doing lifespan development, social behaviour, and christianty and postmoderism. They are all very interesting. I get to an assignment on the matrix for christianty and postmoderism. I'm going to uni this arvo to work on it, it's a group presentation.

I'm leaving for tassie in 2 weeks! Yay! I'll stay with Amy & Troy. I get to meet their new baby! I may have forgotten to tell you, but Amy gave brith to a beautiful baby boy about 2 weeks ago. He was 9 lb 5 (OUCH!) and his name is Ezra. He's soooooo cute! The reason I'm going to tassie is for Kris & Biz's wedding. I love weddings! Maybe I can catch up with you, sisterwanda, while I'm there! Can't wait to see my Tassie friends again!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Be A Blog Angel

If you are into being a blog angel, I found this blog. It's a recent entry. It was pretty full on. I like to surf random blogs from time to time and see what I can find. There are some very interesting blogs out there.

Don't forget about our gig this Thursday!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Never Good...

I've decided that no task that begins with putting on rubber gloves can ever be good...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Half Birthday!

Happy half birthday to me!
Happy half birthday to me!
Happy half birthday dear me!
Happy half birthday to me!

I am 24 and a half today. So far no one seems to care, but I'm excited!

Big claps for Jess who got herself a blog!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Is anyone out there?

Did a group presentation with Tamara & Lydia for my social behaviour class today. It went really well! Yay! Another thing out of the way.

I went swimming with Alex tonight for the first time in ages. Haven't swum for a while, which may not be a good thing seeing as I'm a lifeguard... I'm really quite unfit, but it looks like we're going to make Mondays swimming night. Yay! Fitness, here I come!

I'd love to know how many non-commenting readers I have out there. If you read my blog, but don't usually comment, can you comment on this one? Just so I have a rough idea of whether anyone actually reads my blog! You can leave it anonymously if you like, but of course I want to know who you are! :)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Birthdays & Gigs

Exciting news! Synergy are playing @ Fibbers on Thursday 14th September. Fibbers is a new bar/pub on Smith St in Fitzroy. They have told us that more than anything they are interested in selling drinks, ie. making money. It's a pretty cool venue. It's great for acoustic acts like us. We'll be playing with 'the hello morning' (who rock!) and we're still confirming the other band that will be playing with us (hopefully Mr. Dillon). So please get along and invite anyone and everyone! Seriously, we need stacks of people to come along! And for the venue to make money, otherwise we might not get invited back. We'd love to get some more work out of this gig, so we're hoping for a killer night! Free entry, but there is a donation bowl that goes to the artists. Details are:

125 Smith Street
Thurs Sep 14th
9pm til about Midnight

Hope to see everyone there!

On another note, yesterday was Billy's birthday! He's getting old! Here is him about to blow out the candles on his exciting chocolate ripple cake.

And here is just after blowing out the candles!

I couldn't resist the urge to post this unbelievably attractive photo of Matt. Isn't he just the hottest thing on the planet? Control yourself girls!

And Wire eating cake with his new haricut. What can I say?

Friday, September 01, 2006

No Espy For Us

Just got an email back from the guy at the Espy and we aren't getting a gig there. That's a bit disappointing, but at least we have a gig at Fibbers soon, and hopefully we'll be playing at the Old England Hotel in October. I went down there yesterday and the manager sounded positive about getting local acts in, so we'll see how that goes. Hopefully we'll get more work out of this Fibbers gig. I feel like our music career is actually going somewhere at the moment. It's exciting!


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