Monday, April 28, 2008


I just got back from a great camping trip with Jenny & Alison. We spent 4 days in Porepunkah (near Bright) in country Victoria. I bought a great 6 man tent with my birthday money and we went away to test it out! It passed the test! The place was so stunning! We did some hiking/rock clambering up at Mount Buffalo, and went on a 15km walk to Bright & back. Lots of exercise! And lots of hanging out by a fire at night time with beer, port & marshmallows! It was FREEZING at night time! On the second day we had to go buy more stuff just to stay warm! The first night we couldn't sleep coz we were so cold! It was however, absolutely stunning! The most incredible trees around in their incredible autumn colours! We could not have picked a more beautiful place at this time of year! Here are some photos from the trip.

Our stunning breakfast table by the river each morning!

Alison doing some freelance climbing at Mount Buffalo!

Us at night by our campfire. We make fire! Ug!

If you know me, you'll know I'm not a morning person, as this photo shows... it was so cold!

Squinty us at the horn of Mount Buffalo!

The campsite. Isn't it pretty? That was where we had breakfast, and that is my car and tent in the background.

Jenny & I halfway through our 15km walk

The road leading out of Bright. Pretty!

My tent & car. Yay!

So as you can see we had an awesome trip! Can't wait to go camping again! But I think I'll wait til it gets warmer again!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Peaceful Torch Relay?

Why do we seem to be saying that is it not ok for people to be protesting during the torch relay? I strongly disagree with any form of violent protest, but it is understandable that people who are severly passionate about human rights would get physically angry when they are shut down. Still, I'm not condoning violence. Why do we want a 'nice, peaceful' relay? Aren't human rights more important? Or are we more interested in sweeping it under the carpet and washing our hands clean? I do not want any part of ignoring human suffering!

Friday, April 18, 2008

First of all:

It's Luke's (Film Guru's) 23rd birthday today! Have a great day Luke! Love you heaps! And now here's a nice photo of us!

Now! Here are some photos from my time in Canberra! I spent 5 days up north in Canberra with Chris for his 30th birthday. Loads of fun! I've never been to Canberra before, so it was cool to go somewhere new. We did the touristy thing and saw the sights of Canberra as well as just hung out. I got to meet heaps of new, awesome people too. This is Chris & I at new Parliment House.

This is from my trip on the way there (I drove the whole way by myself, took about 7 and a half hours). This was at a town called Holbrook. They call themselves the submarine town. However, IT IS ABOUT 200KM INLAND!!! Guh?!

This is Bec & I at Chris' party. We are sooooooooo sexy!

Chris & I at his party

Chris going nuts at the end of the night throwing a plastic chair into an open grassed area. Oh yeah. Rock n roll!

Chris on our touristy day around Canberra. Shiny!

New Parliament House

Chris, Bec & I at Chris' party

More of us at Chris' party

The jumping castle! Yes, Chris hired a jumping castle for his 30th! It was awesome fun! Exhausting, but awesome! There was a band playing too with a full set up! Awesome! Evan played some os his awesome tunes and this other guy did some rapping stuff. They were very impressive! Someone Chris knows can get a full band set up for free, so we had lights, speakers, microphones, everything. Fun stuff!

Me at new Parliament House with our flag in the background.

Me at new Parliament House

All in all I had a great time away. I got to spend time with a good friend, meet awesome new people, see a new place and have a great time!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ethical Living

Here's a site to check out about ethical living! It's about brands and how we can live ethically in modern society.
Ethical Living

Canberra photos coming soon!

And come down to the Espy in St Kilda tonight! I'm singing in Kate Eve's band. We're onstage at 9:30pm in the front bar. And it's free! Hope to see heaps of people there!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Canberra Here I Come!

I'm off to Canberra for a few days to see my friend Chris. It's his 30th birthday and I'm heading up for the party! So see you all in a while. I'll be back Monday night!


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