Monday, January 30, 2006

People Galore!

Well it's been a weekend of people! I had Anna's hen's day on Saturday, spent Sunday at a BBQ, and I've had my friends Biz & Kris over from Tassie staying with me for the weekend. It's been awesome, but that meant that sleep was sacrificed. I had a much desired nap this afternoon. Mmmm... nap...

It was so awesome catching up with Biz & Kris. I've missed them. Haven't seen them for about 6 months. They came over for the 'big day out' (music festival for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about) on Sunday. I dropped them off at the airport at midday today. Wish I could have spent a bit more time with them, but was great seeing them for the time we did get to spend together. We went to the 24 hour pancake palour last night. Mmmm... pancakes...

So as I was saying, I spent yesterday at a BBQ at Ben's place. Happy Birthday Ben for Saturday! We had lots of fun. We watched the cricket and the tennis. GO ROGER!!! I must say that I'm really a bit in love with Mr. Federer. He's just so lovely. Glad he won. Baghdatis is great though, he should be very proud of himself. But I swear he looked like he was about to die when the match ended!

So back to the BBQ, lots of fun! There was way too much food, some good wine, some jamming on the guitars, and great company! Oh, did I forget to tell you that I bought a digital camera on Friday?! Oh yeah! It's a Cannon Powershot A610. Awesome! So I've gone a bit nbutz with the photo taking! This one is Ben (the birthday boy) & myself having lots of unattractive fun!

This is Aaron & Glenn (from left to right). Aaron doesn't ever not pull stupid faces when there are cameras around, so this is a rare photo indeed! Do you like my double negative? Just to annoy all you English teachers out there! :P

This is Alex. Just because we all like to put bowls on our heads from time to time.

This is Ben (non-birthday boy Ben). Isn't eating just one of the most attractive things a person can do? Oh yeah! Go Ben!

So I had a really great time over the weekend. But it was a little exhausting. I'm really enjoying the holidays!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cluck Cluck Cluck!

Yesterday was so much fun! The wonderful Anna & Rob are getting married in 1 week and 6 days (11th Feb), and yesterday was Anna's hen's day/night. This is the beautiful bride at the first winery we went to. We drove around in 3 different cars to 3 different wineries in the Yarra Valley. It is just a stunning place! We had so much fun and drank some really good wine (and some not so good wine).

This is Anna & myself at the first winery tasting a lovely red (I forget what kind). There were 10 of us there for the day. We went to 2 wineries, then out to lunch at the Yarra Glen pub, then off to another winery before heading back to Anna's place.

This is Anna and Kelly, who is her bridesmaid. Kelly is getting married in December. How exciting! So many weddings! Now if only I could find a man...

This is the big group of us. This was taken at the first winery. From left to right is: Anna's mum, Kelly, Emma, Vera (Anna's brother's wife), Kathryn, Alison, Sveta (Anna's cousin), Me, Anna, Rhonda (Anna's almost mother in law).

Mmmm... wine...

Then it was back to Anna's place where we had fish & chips for dinner. Then we played some silly bridal games like making wedding dresses out of toilet paper and fun things like that! Then Kathryn & I went out and hired a Playstation 2 and borrowed the game 'singstar' off a friend of ours. Oh so fun!!! For those of you unfamiliar with the game, it's basically a karaoke game! Yay for karaoke!!!

And more karaoke as the night went on... so much karaoke... but you can never have too much karaoke!!!

We had such a fabulous time! It was so great to have a girls day out and get to spend some really fun time together. A big big big thanks to Kelly for doing such an amazing job of organising the day!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Go Chuck!

You gotta check this out!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Belated Birthday!

It has recently come to my attention that we missed revhead's birthday!!! It was on Sunday Jan 21st! HAPPY BIRTHDAY REVHEAD!!! Here is your song!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Revhead/Martin/Hey You/Crazy Man!
Happy birthday to you!

Hope you had a really wonderful birthday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Good Day!

I had a great few days. I went to Anna & Rob's yesterday, where Anna & I watched all 5 hours of the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. Oh how I love it! Red wine, sushi and Colin Firth. Mmm... Colin Firth... Then we went to the pub to have some dinner, then off to play some tennis before settling in to watch a few hours of the Aussie Open. Oh how I love Roger! I stayed at their place last night, and today we went to Torquay and met up with Alison. Was such a great day! I bought a pair of $85 shoes for $15! Whoo! Go me and my bargain shopping! They are very nice rip curl skatie shoes.

Here is Anna & Rob enjoying Subway! Mmm... sub...

Anna & I looking gorgeous as always! Oh yeah! Check out those tongues!

The beach we went to in Jan Juc. You can see small Anna and Alison in the middle there, with a lovely blurry bird flying past.

Here are us girls at the beach! From Left to right we are Anna, Alison, Me

Rob & my charming self at the fish & chip shop in Geelong.

Then we went to the belgian beer garden once we got back to Melbourne, and Emma met us there. This is Anna, Emma and Rob. Much fun was had! Mmmm... European beer...

Oh Yeah!

Roger Federer is AWESOME!!!

I'm going to the beach in Torquay today. WHOO!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006


Last night after work (about 8:30pm) it was still soooo hot! We'd been working for ages and we were quite exhausted. So once everyone had gone, Jodie and I went swimming in the outdoor pools in our uniforms. Ahhh...

Friday, January 20, 2006

Here are some great blogs to check out! Andrew with his missional diatribe! And Gary with his, something...something good. Check them out anyway, and get posting!!! They also now appear in my blog links down the side.

Been working lots lately. That's good, because work = money. Great equation. But work also = hotness and tiredness. Not such a great equation. I'm a lifeguard for those of you who don't know. Working at a pool (indoor and outdoor) in summer is so humid and crazy hot, and you have to watch everyone swim and you're not allowed in the water. Ug.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I'm wondering about a nickname change. I generally sign everything Meags. But that makes people think my name is spellt Meagan, instead of Megan. So perhaps I could go by Megs. What do you think? Am I a Megs? The options are:

Meags (pronounced like the word Me)
Megs (like Eggs, with an M on the front)

Cast your votes!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Stuff & Nonsense

Oh how I love Missy Higgins cover of that Tim Finn song... One of my current favourite songs!

Really enjoying my holidays. Going to the tennis (Australian Open for you international bloggers) on Wednesday with Krissy (girl from work). I love the tennis! Hope to be seeing Federer! He's my favourite player! Krissy's favourite player is Rainer Schuettler from Germany, who unfortunately got knocked out today, so we won't be seeing him.

Performed a song at church yesterday that I wrote. Was so awesome! I intended to play it on my own, but when I was rehearsing, the guys in the band joined in and it sounded amazing! So I got them to play with me when I performed it. I had Glenn on acoustic guitar, John on congos and Chrystal singing harmonies. It felt like a real song! It was such an amazing feeling!!!

Bought a new bag today. It's so exciting! I got all girly about it. Isn't it pretty? It's silk! I don't usually get excited over handbags, but I really love this one!

Going to see Mal Webb tomorrow night. Very excited! And going to see an acousitc duo in Eltham on Wednesday night. It's a week for music! Although I think every week for me is a week for music. Yay for music!

I just cried while re-watching 'Lost', and my family laughed at me. I cry at everything. :(

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I just found out that the Whitlams are playing in the city tonight for free!!! I can't go!!! I already organised for people to come over tonight. My parents went away this weekend, so I'm having people over, it's too late to cancel. I want to see the Whitlams... I love them!!! Annoying city!!! :(

Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's My Life

Oh how I love going to see live music. It's one of my very favourite things to do. Went out with Chrystal last night and saw an awesome duo in Eltham @ 'walks'. Get along on a Wednesday when you get the chance. I'm going to the Arcadia in South Yarra tonight to see Tim & Dan (ex Taxiride guys). Should be awesome!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Resolve

New Years Resolutions:

Get fit & lose weight

Get regular gigs

Learn some classical piano

Start playing the violin again

Play a sport regularly (I'm starting up Volleyball)

Get marks (at college) I am satisfied with

I know I had one more, can't remember it though

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Swimming In The River

Alison, Sarah & I went swimming in the Yarra river over in Warrendyte yesterday. Was so much fun! Here are some photos!

Me in the car on the way there!

Sarah (Left) & Ali (Right)

Me looking kinda nbutz

Action shot of Ali & I being stupid in the water!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Writing Slump

I'm so disappoitned in my song writing as of late. I've been listening to so much awesome music and I just can't seem to write anything as good as what I'm hearing. It's rather disheartening. What kind of music do you guys like? Tell me your current favourite song, or few songs, and tell my why if you know why you like it so much. This might help in my research of how to write music.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Get Lost!

Guru got 'Lost' season 1 on DVD for Christmas, I'm in the process of watching it all over again. I hope to get it finished before season 2 starts in a month and a half. Such a brilliant show! I think it's even better the second time. I'm picking up on all the little bits I missed along with way the first time. If you haven't been watching this show, you've been missing out! GET LOST!

And I can't believe how indescribably hot Matthew Fox still is!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Years!

As I promised Emma, here is a report and some photos from new years. Although they are dodgy ones I took with my phone, other digital ones are yet to come!

Amy & I went down to Sorrento on the 30th to hang out with Alison and Kathryn. Kathryn has a holiday house down there. We had an awesome time at the beach and walking lots and lots. Then on the 31st we drove across to Philip Island where we joined some others for a great new years. There were 13 of us there at Grant's holiday house, awesome time was had by all! Lots of going to the beach, drinking a bit, playing cards, and just general merriment. It was a great way to see in the new year. Yay for 2006!

This one was taken in the car on the way to Sorrento, as you can see, we had Marty Moose with us! We just couldn't leave him home!

This one is Amy & Kathryn in the back of Anna's car on new years day.

This is a dodgy photo of Emma and Anesti just after midnight. As you can see, my phone takes terrible photos without proper lighting! See hte orange glow stick Anesti has behind his ear? Some girl from next door handed out heaps of glow sticks to us all. How fun!

Here is Amy & Marty having lots of new years fun!

Oh, and Revhead finally got a blog! WHOO!!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Day In The City

My friend Amy is over from Tassie at the moment, and we spent the day in the city today. First we had lunch in the botanical gardens and had a wander around a bit. Got some fun photos! Oh, and we took Marty with us! He's my moose!

This is me in a big giant tree!

This is Marty having fun at the botanical gardens.

Amy and Marty in front of the lake

Us having fun at the botanical gardens. We had such a yummy lunch! We got this pesto, sun dried tomato and capsicum pull apart thingy. Oh yeah....

Then we went to the Melbourne Aquarium. Here are some cool looking silver fishes.

Look! It's Nemo!

Freaky Giant squid!!! It's the world's largest frozen squid. They found it frozen in ice appartently. It's 7 metres long. So creepy...

I couldn't not have a turtle! They're my favourite animals!

Awesome looking stingray that swam over us in the fishbowl room!

Can we be fish too?

Marty needed a beer after a long hard day!

And so did we...

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Hope you guys had a great and safe new year! Happy 2006! May it be full of dreams realised.


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