Wednesday, January 31, 2007


If you drink, don't drive. Don't even putt.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Date To Save???

Is it just me or is Roger Federer an unstopable, lovable, tennis god?

Check out this site:
Date To Save
It's GOT to be a joke! What the?!! Have a look around the site. Hilarious!

Still house sitting. Will be away til late Wed night. Although I do seem to be getting net access most days anyway, so yay!

Had a busy weekend. Annual church conference/planning weekend was this weekend. Went well, got this sorted for this year. Mostly anyway. Went and saw some free funk/soul music in the fitzroy gardens last night. Fantastic! Gotta love "relax with max"! Spent most of this arvo making jewelry. Sorted out my band for church this year, which I'm heaps excited about! All is all, a rather productive weekend.

Had to work on Australia Day. How very unaustralian of me... But did listen to the first 22 and the last 30 of the JJJ hottest 100 countdown. The best countdown I've heard yet!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kelly & Grant's Wedding

Finally I got around to sorting through and resizing all the photos for my blog! Sorry it took so long! The wedding was on Dec 29 and it was so lovely! One of the best weddings I've ever been to, and as we remember I've been to many weddings! I'm going to another one on Feb 10 and that will make 8 in the last 12 month period. Nutso! Let's get onto the photos! I'll try to put them roughly in cronological order.

This is Kelly's mum Chris & I just before the ceremony. I think this is one of the best photos of me ever! I'm so impressed!

This is Emma, Anesti & I just hanging out.

Grant & I while he was still legally a single man!

Kathryn & I looking hot. Oh yeah...

Lisa & Adrian. Aren't they such an adorable couple! Awwww!

Kelly walking up the isle with her dad. Isn't that a lovely photo?

What a good looking bunch of people!

Staring lovingly into each other's eyes. Awwww! Get out your tissues. I cried a few times that day!

Alison & I, slightly blurred.

The wedding party! I snuck up while they were getting their official photos done and took a few myself. Aren't they lovely?

Once again looking great and oh so happy!

Fun photo!

Anna & I

The boys having a bit of fun!

Silly photo!

This is their "I'm sick of having photos taken" look. Very attractive indeed!

Their very first dance as husband and wife. Awww!!! They learnt a proper dance and everything. I was very imrpessed. It was beautiful!

From left to right: Alison, Lisa, Kathryn & the bride Kelly.

Grant, Anna & I

Lisa & Grant

Rob & I. I have no idea. From now on, you can tell it's getting on in the night...

Rob & Lisa in their oh so hot poses!

A group at the end of the night. Can you tell?

Dale & I in one of our traditional poses.

And that's all I've got to show you for now. I'm going to be house sitting for the next week, and there is no internet there, so I won't be around much. I'm going to have severe withdrawals me thinks.... Love to you all!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blood Diamond

I saw this movie last night with some friends. Talk about intense! I wasn't aware of the huge issue surrounding conflict-diamonds. It was very eye opening. "Blood Diamond" is very educational and moving ala "Hotel Rwanda". I definitely suggest that people see this film. It really shows what life is actually like in parts of Africa. But it's not a film for the weak! It amazing how we don't hear about this kind of thing on the news, we become so complacent about how so many people live day to day. Makes you question Australia's refugee policies. How can people treat each other in such a way? The lead character from Sierra Leone (played by Djimon Hounsou) says something like "I can understand how people can come in and treat us the way they do, but what I can't understand is how we can do it to each other". It really is unbelievable what people are capable of doing to each other. I hate to think what I would be capable of in such a situation. Powerful film.

This is a refugee camp in Guinea. The conditions these refugees live in is incredible.

I really hope people pay attention to the message of this movie, and not just think it's interesting or a good film. Why do we live in such ignorance? Why do some things get reported and others not? Do we not care about of fellow humans in Africa?

Monday, January 15, 2007

New Stuff

Got some new photos!

Photos of Kelly & Grant's wedding coming soon!

I've updated my MySpace too, so check that out! There are new songs up there and I revamped the whole page. New photos and new songs! Yay!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tassie Report

Had a fantastic time in Tassie over the weekend. I was only there for 3 days, but that was enough. I love my friends down there, but there is nothing to do and after catching up with everyone, I tend to get bored. I had a lovely time with my friends and the wedding was just fantastic! Penny & Andy looked so happy and so gorgeous. It was great! I stayed in a crazy boys' house. 4 single boys in a house is an interesting (but awesome) place to stay. It was great seeing the guys again. I forgot to take my camera can you believe, so I only have dodgy photos from my phone!

This is the happy couple!

This is Ezra & I. Ezra is Amy & Troy's kid. He is just over 4 months now! He was only 1 month last time I saw him. He's so big and so cute!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Celbs Galore!

I have so much to post about! The Carols, Christmas, Kelly & Grant's wedding, New Years, lots of other things, but I can't be bothered right now.

Tonight I went to the St Kilda Markets, so awesome. Spent most of my money on beads. Then headed off to see 'Zoophyte'. I just love them! Check out their music on myspace. The only issue with tonight's gig was Andy's new girfriend, who just happens to be MEGAN GALE!!! Now that's nice for them, but the thing is that of all people at the venue she decided to stand next to me. Which means I had to dance next to Megan Gale for half the night!!! That's enough to make any girl feel unattractive and bad about herself! But for the other half of the night I got to dance next to Josh Lawson, so that more than made up for it. I spoke to him after the gig and he is so very lovely! We had a nice chat and he was a really genuine guy. I was very impressed.

I'm flying out to Tassie on Friday arvo for the weekend. Yes, another pair is getting married. Penny & Andy get married on Saturday. Awwww!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful new years, and that this year is full of great stuff!


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