Friday, April 28, 2006

The Biggest Loser

Well I just watched the finale of the biggest loser. I was out last night and had it taped. What a great show! I'm so sad it's over now and we have to put up with Big Brother again. Don't get me started on what's wrong with that show... Can I say how much I love the biggest loser? I really got attatched to the contestants. The finale was awesome! Those guys all look so fully amazing! Talk about inspirational!

I'm definitely going to look hot! Just you wait and see! I loved watching what they all went through, and how amazing they all feel after working so hard to transform their own lives. They really deserve what they've acheived. I'm impressed and inspired. Seriously. I'm going to look so hot. Aren't these girls totally gorgeous?!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

You Win...

Fine. Here is hideously ugly carrot Megan. Just so you'll all shut up and we can move on. Satisfied? Now I have awful photos of me available on the net for all to see... Now that it's been so hyped up, I bet you're really unimpressed with it too.

But Why?

I can't figure out why everyone wants to see a horrible photo of me!

Oh, and this is for Wire who likes to tell everyone that i'm an alcoholic...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Party Photos!

I promsied them and here they are! I said prepare for an onsluaght (that was intentional Billy!). And I hope you have! Prepared that is...

This is Guru & I being very serious just before we left to go out. Of course we needed to settle ourselves before going out in public, so we engaged in some meditiation. As you can see, these are our meditation faces.

This is one of the tables we sat at at the groove train (where we went for dinner). I won't bother filling you in on all the details of the party, you can check Guru's blog for all that. You can see the lovely Mrs. Dboy and Wire in the group there.

This one is Amy & Hugh. Aren't they gorgeous? I thought this was such a good photo!

A photo of Matt & myself. A rare photo I'm in that I don't mind looking at.

This one is the very attractive Alex on the left, Neale in the middle looking gorgeous as always, and the wonderful Mr Mike to the right.

Here is one of the other tables. You can see the fantastic Revvy there on the right with the terrorist beard. Seriously Revvy, what's up with that? :)

Amy & Guru looking gorgeous as per usual! Well, Amy is, but Guru looks mostly stunned and confused as per usual.

Myself & Wire looking hot. Oh yeah, that's right, hands off people! I know you're finding it hard to restrain yourselves!

Don't Naomi & Courtney just look adorable? Everyone track them down and squeeze their cheeks!!!

Guru and his cake. Bask in this photo people, because this is a rare photo where Guru actually looks normal and isn't pulling a crazy face!

And here is my wonderful family. A huge yay for my parents who organised and paid for this amazing party. Such fun! Yay for my awesome parents! And as you can see, not a normal photo of Guru yet again...

This is Revvy & myself. Awwww....

And here is Matt trying to distract Neale from making the winning shot, which he did, then Alex (other dude in the background) tried for the winning shot and got it. Yay for distraction tactics!

Well there you go. For more photos, check out Guru's blog, he stole lots of the ones I wanted to post.

Monday, April 24, 2006


I'm going to whinge and complain!!!! I'm trying to post some photos from Guru's party, but I can't. Stupid blogger won't let me upload them! Noooooo!!!!! Waaaahhhh!!! I'm trying! I swear! I guess you'll have to hang out another day for them. :(

Well today wasn't too exciting. I had a class thing this morning. It is spiritual emphasis week this week at college, so there are no normal classes, instead we have some worship stuff and someone come and speak to us each day for a while. After that I drove a classmate home and had lunch with them, then went home for a much needed nap to try and rid myself of an awful headache I'd had all day (that is still lingering at 11:30pm). Then off to Kathryn's to go for a walk. Yay for us and our exercise! Then came home and had a few cups of tea with "Alison". So a good day, but nothing too exciting. Now I might go sleep again to try and rid myself of this headache completely. I just feel a bit lousy.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Well it was Guru's 21st party last night. It was such a great night! Wait for the onsluaght of photos...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Girly Stuff!

Well I must say that I'm feeling rather girly! I just got back from the dressmakers. Amy & Troy get married in 3 and a half weeks and I get my dress in a week and a half! In case you're all confused, I'm a bridesmaid for Amy! Whoo!!! I'm having my dress made up by a dressmaker that my Dad's workmate is friends with. She was so lovely. It's such a beautiful dress! I'll have to take pics and show you when I get it. I'm so excited! I leave for Tassie in just under 3 weeks, on May 11, and I'm there for 4 days.

This is the pattern of the dress, but it will be 3/4 length, to the middle of my calf, not as short as this picture. And it will be a scarlet colour. It's a pretty small picture, but that's all I could find.

More girly things, I went over to Chrystal's last night and we sorted out our beads and drank tea. Yay for girly times!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

So Sleepy...

Today is a tired day. Last night I went over to Aaron's place where Ben was helping him move furniture. But the problem was that Ben had a bike (push bike) accident on Saturday and was still suffereing as a result of it, he landed on his head, broke his helmut and had been sore and slightly out of it for a few days, so we took him to the hospital to get checked out on account of the advice given to us by Dr. Nick. Although I could have told him to do that days ago... silly boy! Anyway, we got to the hospital at about midnight and you know hospital waits. Not fun. They put Ben in a neck brace and he had to lie down the whole time. At about 3:30am he finally got his x-rays done after having a doctor tell him they needed to check to see if any bones had been chipped or fractured. Then they came back after doing further examinations and told him that they found a piece of bone floating around in his neck which they were concerned about. So he had to wait until the radiologists showed up at about 8am to give him a CT scan. Oh yeah. Fun times. So I ended up leaving the hospital at about 5:30am to get some sleep, because it was going to be another few hours before they could do anything, and he just wanted to sleep. I got home at about 6am and haven't had enough sleep. So sleepy... Anyway, after the Radiologists had a closer look at his neck they said he was fine to go home and was just sore, strained and jolted. YAY!!! I'm so glad he's ok! Matt went and saw him in the morning and took him home when he got discharged at 10am. So 10 hours in hospital to be told you're fine. Oh well, at least he's ok!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I'd like to whinge about an awful book I read recently. It's called 'shaped by the word'. It's a book that is designed to help people on a journey of spiritual formation. While I see the author's great intention, it is a book full of overly lengthy descriptions, weak and confusing metaphors, and unprodictive theories. It was one of the least practical books I've ever read, apart from some small sections that were helpful. Although the helpful stuff was largely common sense, and stuff I had learned in other places anyway. All I can say is yawn, and I will never pick that book up again...

On another note (pun intended!), here are some current favourite songs:

Photograph - Jamie Cullum
Your Winter - Sister Hazel
Winter - Joshua Radin
Song For You - Michael Buble
Quiet Day - George

And of course, who could forget that it's Guru's 21st birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE!!! You rock! Here is a gorgeous picture of the birthday boy!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tea & Sympathy

Well I had my tea party yesterday aftenoon. It was so much fun. Anna & Rob decided it should be a mad hatters tea party, so we all wore silly hats, most people are wearing my hats, coz no one apart from Anna & Rob bought hats. Soooo much tea... I think I drank about 12 half cups, then some more later on in the night. I had 10 different kinds of tea that you brew in a pot, and another 10 or so in tea bags. So much yummy tea....

Then we played pictionary. I haven't played in sooo long! Anna & I won! Whoo!!! I totally suck at drawing, but somehow we seemed to be on the same wave length for most of the time. I love games like that! I should play more fun and potentially silly games. Silly games are my favourite kind of games.

This is (from left to right) Chrystal (aka Mrs Dboy), Sarah & myself. Without our silly hats, after yet another cup of tea!

This is Amy (left) & Anna (right) drinking more tea in silly hats! Yay for hats and tea!

After all the yummy tea, some more people came over at night to hang out. Mum and Dad are away for a few days you see, so we thought we'd take advantage of having my house free. We played pool, watched a few movies (Bedazzled, Out Cold, Lost in Translation, Speedmouse), and just generally hung out. This photo was taken outside where it was pretty cold, this is Stas & I.

And this is Emma about 5 seconds later. Isn't she gorgeous?!

And just to show you how very cold it was, this is Anna in a blankie and hat. Isn't she adorable? Don't you just want to squeeze her cheeks and hug her?! So all in all it was a great day. I adore my friends!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Well I'm on a break at work. I must say that lifeguarding is sooooooooooo boring!!! I stand around and wait for time to pass. I want a job where I actually have something to do. I'm job hunting, coz I don't get enough work at RLC, but no luck as of yet. I'm looking forward to a more interesting job. Yawn...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I don't want to be a figment of your pleasure
I don't want to just be an object
To taunt your tentacles with
And you say you want nothing
And you say you want no responsibility
And, you say you want nothing

Well what is this? Is this nothing?
Well what is this? Is this much to you?
Well what is this? Is this nothing?
I think you know this is something

We talk at each other, we can not see beyond
I feel you're out to hurt me
But I hope that's not the truth
You've formed your world view I haven't really begun
I cant begin to comprehend your realm of pain

And you say you want nothing
And you say you want no responsibility
And, you say you want nothing
Well what is this? Is this nothing?
Well what is this? Is this much to you?
Well what is this? Is this nothing?
I think you know this is something dear to me
You wanted nothing, you wanted nothing
Well now you've got it

Nothing - George

photo source

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Still Sick

I'm still sick. I took yesterday off and spent the day sleeping. I didn't get out of my pj's the whole day. I love days like that. I watched 'million dollar baby' again. Guru hadn't seen it yet. Amazing movie. Make sure you see it if you haven't already. But don't find out anything about it before you see it. It's one of those movies that is much better if you don't know anything about it. Anyway, I took today off too coz I'm still feeling quite awful. I haven't been sleeping much coz my nose won't stop running. I missed volleyball last night for the first time this year. I hate missing volleyball, it's so much fun! Unfortunately the team lost. Doh! I hope I get better soon. I hate feeling lousy. Although I'm assuming that no one likes it. :)

Easter is fast approaching. I need to do some serious chocolate shopping! And it's almost Guru's birthday. Only a week to go! So much present shopping to be done. I know what I'm getting him too! I'm excited!

I need to find something else to blog about, rather than just whinge about how crappy I feel. Sorry! Better blogging next time. I'll make it up to you with a cool picture. It's from this awesome site

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Well I got sick. Which I'm not so happy about. I rarely get sick, but yesterday I could feel it coming on. I was getting a scratchy throat and could feel my sinuses starting to clog up. And today, oh yeah, it's worse. Doh! I have to sing at church tonight too. Oh dear. I hope it's not too tragic... I hate being sick. I feel lousy. That's right. It's a pity party for me!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


I've probably gone on about these guys before, but I'm re-discovering all the George B sides. George being the name of the band. Get a hold of them if you haven't. My favourite band of all time! If I could have anyone's vocal chords in the whole world it'd be Katie Noonan's... Sigh... She just makes me want to sigh out loud it's so beautiful.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Get Well Soon!

My friend Rob (The one who just got married to Anna) is in hospital at the moment. Ben & I went and visited him yesterday. Rob has diabetes and it was playing up and making him vomit lots, so he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. He's ok now, but they're keeping him in there until tomorrow just to make sure he stays ok. GET WELL SOON ROB!!!!

I had afternoon tea with my Nanna yesterday. I love my Nanna. It's been a hard adjustment for her, with Pa dying and getting sick, but she's doing much better. Love my Nanna!

As for me, I'm feeling a bit flat. I'm not unhappy or anything, I just feel like I am transitioning into something, but I'm actually not. I feel in-between things, but I'm not sure what I'm in-between. It's a bit weird.

Check out Joshua Radin. One of my favourite artists at the moment. This guy has such amazing music!

Oh, and I have a new photo! Although it does make my face look really long and kinda odd...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fun Vs Immature

I was thinking the other day about the difference between knowing how to have fun, and being immature. I think far too often we can confuse the two. I really value being able to relax and have fun. I love to be really silly sometimes! Wait, I take that back. I'm never silly... no... never... Anywho, I wonder how much room we give ourselves to let loose and just have fun. How often do we let down our guard and relax? I wonder how often we think we relax, when we still have our guard up. Perhaps we are so used to being guarded that we don't know how to pull down the barriers. I want to live a life that's full of fun. How often do you do something spontaneous just for the sake of it? Immaturity seems to me to be more about being inappropriate, or doing something that negatively impacts on another, rather than just cutting loose. I think our world would be a much nicer place if we would all pull down our self-created barriers once in a while, and just have fun together.

How awesome is this?!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

This is a photo of Guru and myself. Aren't we adorable?! I thought it would be fun to show you that we were cute once upon a time... It's an old photo I scanned in, so the colours are a bit too dark, but you get the picture (pun intended!).

On Friday night I headed into the city with Anna, Rob & Alison. We had a really great time. First we went to the Belgian Beer Garden, but it was too cold outside, and too crowded and smokey inside. So we headed into Crown (Melbourne's big casino complex) to go to a cafe there. We hung out at Greco's, the most amazing cake shop/restaurant ever! We had great cake and drinks, then off to the Warner Bros store to play with fun toys! What a fun night! :)


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