Friday, September 30, 2005


Hey! He's got a chair with wheels! And here I am using my legs like a sucker!
- Homer Simpson

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Well tonight we did our first all original gig! It was very exciting for us! We did 2 songs that Ingrid wrote, and 2 songs that I wrote. I have always been content to be a cover band, but now I'm really enjoying writing and performing my own music. I'd love to be an original artist. It gives me such a sense of acomplishment and satsifaction! Knowing that I have created something from nothing. I can't wait to see where this goes! I wish I had a constant outlet for my music. It annoys me that it's so sporadic. I'm really excited about all the possibilites!

Rediscovering The Joy!

You know how you don't listen to your favourite band for ages, then you start listening to them again and it's all a wonderful journey of rediscovery? No? Oh, perhaps it's just me then. Well I've done this with George. My favourite band ever! If I could sing like Katie Noonan I'd be a very happy girl! *sigh* Actually I've rediscovered a whole bunch of artists at the moment. I love when that happens!
Open mic night tonight! I'm excited!
Going to have a coffee at Hahndorfs with Chrystal today. Best chocolate shop/cafe in the world! But so bad for you... Mmmm... bad for me...
I'm really really getting into song writing! Never thought I'd enjoy it this much. I dreamt about writing music last night!
I'm rewatching season 5 of Angel at the moment. GO ANGEL!
Only 5 days left of holidays...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Now I'll assume that you're aware that I adore Missy Higgins. Well I have super exciting news! She has a DVD coming out on October 2nd/3rd. I read two different dates on her website. Grrr... stupid confusing website. Guess what I'll be doing on October 2nd/3rd? Shopping!!! I'm so excited!

Speaking of music, is anyone coming to see us play at the open mic night tomorrow? It'd just be nice to know who's coming. Feel free to show up even if you don't tell us you're coming, but it'd be cool to have an idea of who's coming. Details here.

So I got bored with my blog and decided to give it a face lift. What do you think?
And Luke (my brother) now has a blog! How exciting!

Silly City!

I talked about wanting to be more silly a few entries ago. Well, it still applies. I like being random and silly. About a week and a half ago I was out with some friends and we were driving around, and Alex just started yelling random things out the window to people on the street like, "See you at 7!". It was hilarious! They looked so confused! I love it! Tell me what silly things you've done! I feel like a good chuckle!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Synergy (acoustic duo I'm in), has a blog now! WHOO! Here it is!

Sing Me A Song!

I'm twitch free! After 6 days! WHOO!

I've been getting into song writing lately. Ever since I got my super exciting keyboard! I've always wanted to write music, but I've never really had the means to do so. I've had a guitar for a number of years, but I'm not good enough on the guitar to try to write music on it. I find the task of writing a song rather daunting. I want to do it, but I always find it difficult. But I will perservere with it, because it's something I really love doing. I wrote my first real song on my own about 2 and a half weeks ago. I really enjoyed doing it, even though I didn't always find it easy. I started writing another song on Saturday, but it just wasn't happening for me. It ended up being rather tragic and nothing came from it, but yesterday I got some music down. Then last night I managed to write some lyrics. I always find it very difficult to write lyrics. I find myself in two extremes, either too corny or too abstract. It takes me a long time to sort out words that make the point, but don't sound cliche. I'm slowly getting there, but I have to go through a lot of crap to get where I want to be. Some of the things I wrote last night were so tragic I can't even repeat them! Ug... But I do love writing music and I'll continue to do it! I almost have another complete song! WHOO!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Purple Tink

Well Naomi has done another awesome picture of me! And here it is!

Image hosted by

Isn't she a wonderfully talented chicky?!

Last night I went to the palace in Camberwell and hung out with Alison. We had a really good time. We had a drink, then wandered down bourke rd to a cafe and got some food, then went back to see a cover band that did 1, maybe 2 songs that were written after 1980. They were kinda fun though.

Grand final day. I think the swans will win.

64 hours and 15 minutes... Still twitching... not visible at the moment, but still there.

EDIT: 71 hours and STILL counting... I've actually discovered that my eyebrow is slightly swollen. Perhaps I was bitten by something.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Still Twitching Away...

EDIT: Look at this!!!! It's soooooo funny! Thanks to King Kohl (aka Matt)

48 hours and counting...
And it's not a tiny twitch either, I can see it in the mirror, so people can notice it! Usually they just feel like crazy big twitches, but no one else can see it. But I can see this when I look in the mirror! ARGH!

New Theory...

Ok, new theory. My eyebrow is not twitching. It is still and the rest of me is twitching. And in that case, most of me (well, all of me minus my right eyebrow) has been twitching for 26 hours. It's getting to me...

The open mic night thing went so well tonight! We had 9 people come to see us which was awesome. Ingi & I love you guys! Thanks so much for coming! We really REALLY appreciate the support! That place has such good acoustics! Though there was a distinct lack of foldback which I really need. I need to be able to hear myself so that I can remain in tune. We got to play 12 songs! 2 sets of 6 which was awesome! Although usually I think it would be 1 set of 6. If anyone wants to perform at an open mic night I'd like to recommend this place. While there weren't heaps of people there, the people who are are very friendly and accomodating. They just adored us which was nice. We're planning on going next Thursday too, so anyone who wants to tag along is welcome. We love having a crowd! It means a lot to us. I just love performing. It's so much fun!!!

EDIT: 42 and a half hours and still twitching...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stop Looking At Me!

I have a huge crazy twich in my right eybrow that won't go away! It feels so so so weird!

EDIT: Ok, it's been 14 hours now and the twitch is still there! I don't think I've ever had a twitch that lasted this long!

EDIT: It's been 18 hours now... still twitching away...

EDIT: 19 hours and 40 minutes and counting...

EDIT: 22 and a half hours...

Lior & Synergy

Well Lior last night was incredible! The support act was rather odd to say the least, but Lior himself was brilliant! He played a lot of stuff off his debut album 'autumn flow', and then some other things that I hadn't heard before! He also sang 2 songs in Hebrew which were amazing! He was born in Israel, but raised in Sydney, and you can see his Hebrew influence in his music. I adore it! He is such an incredible guitarist, and his voice! *sigh* It's strong, controlled and has such a beautiful tone! I'm rather in love with his music at the moment. I wish I could write music like that! You guys who didn't come missed an incredible night. I recommend getting along to see him if you get the chance.

On another note, Ingi & I are doing an open mic night tomorrow (Thursday). We haven't done one for quite a while, so it'll be nice to get up and perform again. We're not sure what time we'll actually be on stage. If you want to come along here are the details:
Thursday 22nd (tomorrow)
Arlington (Wattle Park Chalet) off Riversdale Rd in Surrey Hills (Melway map 60 J2/K3)
8pm - 11:30pm (but there's no need to stay the whole time)

An update on the acoustic duo I'm in. I'm not sure if many people got that there is a new song up on Synergy's website. I took off the Missy Higgins song, and put up "Feeler" by Pete Murray. So feel free to have a peek.

Hidden Kiss

Look what Naomi did! Isn't is just awesome?!! It's me! There is some text that goes with it underneath. It's called "hidden kiss".

Image hosted by

Theres a kiss there, hidden on those lips, she's not sure who it's for yet, but it's there...

I'd just like to say that my hair is sitting super weird because I had just had a shower and it was wet and just not happening for me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I Want More!

I was thinking (dangerous I know!), and I think there are two things I'd like to be more prominent in my life.

The first is Encouragement. I want to be someone who encourages, someone who actively invests in others. I think it would make more of a difference than I can even imagine if I was a person who constatntly encouraged those around me. I love seeing what it does for people when they feel encouraged. And I kind of enjoy being encouraged myself! :)

The second thing I'd like to be more prominent in my life is silliness! That's right! I love being silly, and being silly with others! I don't like stupidity, there is a big difference. I think the difference between the two is responsibility. I think stupidity lacks responsibility and can hurt people, but silliness is just being a bit strange or different or spontaneous but still with a sense of responsibility. I love doing fun things for the sake of it. I like being silly! Bring on the silliness! MORE SILLINESS FOR ALL! Randomness is a lost art for most. But I can think of certain people who take it to new heights! :)


Monday, September 19, 2005

I did a public speaking course called "Synapse" this weekend. I learnt so much, and I just loved it! The aim was to equip us with tools so that public speaking becomes manageable and less daunting, and I certainly feel that is true for me! A lot of it was about the art of story telling, how powerful stories can be to make a point. There were about 25 of us who did the course. It was so awesome to spend the weekend getting to know some people better too. I feel like I've made some new friends this weekend, and strengthened some other friendships. Anyone reading this who was at Synapse: YOU ROCK!!!

I've just had a fantastic weekend! Synapse was great, the theatre sports on Saturday night were incredible, and I had a great day yesterday. After Synapse finished I had lunch with a bunch of people, then 6 of us went to visit Luke in hospital. He's coming home today! WOOT! Then we went to Lygon Street and had Gelati while we sat in a park. Mmm... Gelati... I'm sorry Kathryn! Kathryn hates it when I get gelati without her! I still love you! Then I went to church, and we went back to Brent's place to paly table tennis and stuff.

I'm on 2 weeks holiday! WHOO! Mid-semester break!

Check out my blog and links list. Lots of new blogs and links to check out! Brent has had a blog for a while which he has been keeping from us! And Naomi has a gallery now! Yay!

EDIT: If you want to check out Synergy's (the acoustic duo I'm in) website, I've taken off the Missy Higgins song, and put up a Pete Murray Cover.

I'm going to cry...

I just wrote this huge giant blog and when I posted it, it just disappeared! It's happened to me before. It took me ages to write this big long blog about my weekend and lots of other stuff! It's so weird, it's all there, I click publish post, it says it does it, then the post is empty! Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Theatre Sports!

So I went to see some professional theatre sports tonight in St. Kilda. I had soooo much fun! I've never seen real professional theatre sports before. It's all improvisation stuff. This was the second last show of a bunch of international players that are over here for a festival at the moment, so it was some of the best players in the world all together. They were just so spontaneously creative and hilarious! They had a lighting chick, an MC and a dude on keyboard who provided music stuff inbetween and during most of the skit things.

Mostly it was just various combinations of the players doing short games, and the audience would shout out ideas and they'd run with them, but twice they got people from the audience up on stage. They got this dude called Ross up there and he dressed up like a woman and it was all a bit weird. Then they asked for someone to get up and play the piano for them while they did a musical number, and all my friends (thanks guys...) were pointing at me, so I got up and played! It was so much fun! I'm so glad I did it! I played this predicatble progression to start with, then moved on to some slow jazz, to funky jazz, to deep moving jazzy stuff, to pretty chords. The players sang all this hilarious stuff! It was just awesome fun, and they gave me some red bull as a thank you! Haha!

I recommend going to see professional theatre sports if you get the opportunity! Great stuff!

Friday, September 16, 2005

So I'm really into Lior at the moment. He's a new singer/songwriter from Sydney. He's just so talented (not to mention gorgeous!), I adore his voice and he writes such beautiful music. Everyone should go out and buy his debut album "Autumn Flow"! I'm hopefully going to see him with Ingi this Tuesday night in Belgrave (a bit of a hike I know). I'm really excited about it!

I've updated my links list now, so check it out down the left side! Ingrid has a music site all of her own now as she does some teaching! Check it out here!

I'm doing a public speaking/preaching course this weekend called Synapse. I'm really enjoying it so far! Revhead is one of the people running it, and it's really interesting. I'm really looking forward to learning how to more effectively communicate.

Luke is doing much better! He's still in lots of pain but really improving. He's getting out of bed now which is fantastic! He should be home on Monday if all continues to go well. He's still bored though, so please feel free to go and visit him those of you who know him. Those of you who don't, perhaps going to visit him would be a little creepy... :)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Natural Tendencies

"We have a natural tendency to think that no one understand the uniqueness of our particular situation. This tendency is based on our bent toward blaming and externalizing our problems, thereby avoiding the hard work of taking ownership and working through them. If we can say, no one truly understands my life, it helps us feel justified to stay out of the growth path."

Pg. 93 "How People Grow" by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lukey Pukey

Update on Luke. He'll just love me calling him Lukey Pukey! Anyway, he's doing so much better today! It's incredible! He's still in lots of pain, but he says it's different pain, and much more bearable this time around. Yesterday was a difficult day for him, but today he is doing much better. He can breathe with no pain now which is just so good. Anyone who wants to go and visit him can. He's bored as you can imagine. He says thanks to everyone who's been praying for him. He really appreciates all the support he's been getting.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Little Brother

Well Luke went in today for his second operation. He now has 2 metal rods attached to his spine. It was such a major operation! He is in extreme amounts of pain. He can't move at all now. At least last time he could move his legs and his arms, now he can kind of move his arms, and not his legs at all. He's really suffering a lot. He kept saying how unbearable the pain was. It's horrible! So keep praying for him guys. It's so hard for me to see him like that and not be able to do anything for him. It made me cry, and I have tears in my eyes as I write this. My parents are rather stressed at the moment too. It's a tough time for our family. But we know God is looking after us. I just hope Luke feels better really really soon!

But the operation was a big success. They said everything went as expected and he came through it really well. But unfortunately that doesn't stop him being in lots of pain now. Here are some photos from tonight. First one is Luke in bed, the second one is Luke's freaky eyes. The morphine made his pupils all tiny and he wanted me to take a photo of his eyes so he could see them later. He can't really open his eyes at the moment. Then there is a photo of his hilarious socks! They are designed stop his blood from clotting, but I just think they're funny!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Monday, September 12, 2005

"When our approach to life revolves around discipline, commitment, and knowledge but runs from feeling the hurt of unmet longings, then our efforts to love will be marked more by required action than by liberating passion. We will be known as reliable, but not invovled. Honest friends will report that they enjoy being with us, but have trouble feeling close. Even our best friends (uncluding spouses) will feel guarded around us, a little tense and vaguely distant."

Pg. 107 of 'Inside Out' by Dr. Larry Crabb

I have felt this so much from others over the time I spent in Tassie. It's a horrible way to live. Such disconnection.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


That's a word right?
Anyway, I have written my very first real song on my own. I'm very excited! Having a keyboard is awesome! I now have the means to do all this stuff I've wanted to do for such a long time. So anyway, I've written my first song, and I'm going to perform it at church tonight. I'm actually very nervous about it. It makes me feel very vulnerable for some reason. I have issues with opening myself up to criticism.
*giggles nervously*

Friday, September 09, 2005

Do You Mean It?

"And we must admit our questions of others rarely invite a complete and honest sharing from their hearts. We all have a tendancy to keep safely distant from each other's feelings. To deal with what's really going on inside is disturbing, too uncomfortable; so we hide the inside truth from others - and from ourselves. Life works better that way. That's the clear message we've learned from many of our teachers and the one we communicate to others by our non-involvement."

- pg. 98 of 'Inside Out' by Dr. Larry Crabb

Current Favourite Songs

Here are some of my current favourite songs:

Daniel by Lior
Sitting with a stranger by Lior
Beautiful Love by The Afters
The power of two by The Indigo Girls
Ordinary People by John Legend
Sparks by Coldplay
Destiny by Zero 7
Hold me tight by Missy Higgins

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's finally happened!!!!!!!
I got a keyboard today! This is the most exciting thing ever! Ok, not ever, but very high up there for me. I've wanted this for so many years. I've never owned a keyboard or piano. I've been playing for a number of years now, but I've always had to play other people's, or public ones. Now I can practice to my heart's content! I can play any time of day or night too because I can just plug headphones in. Talk about features! This thing can do almost anything! I got a Yamaha PSR-1100. Here is what I got. I got a great deal too. It's a $2000 keyboard, and I got it for $1400. I also got $380 worth of accessories for $160. Yay!

By the way, I still need to do a song on Sunday night about listening, and I have no idea what to do. HELP ME! :( I was thinking of just writing a song because there aren't any songs about listening!!! SHould I do that? Revhead?

Happy half birthday to me!
Happy half birthday to me!
Happy half birthday dear Megan/Tink/Ludicrousity!
Happy half birthday to me!

Well today, the 7th of September is my half birthday. I am officially 23 and a half. How exciting!!! And no one has remembered! No half cards, no half presents, no half phone calls, no half sms's. Nothing! Where has the long standing tradition of half birthdays gone? I'm sad that I'm spending my half birthday at home doing home work while people go on with their days like it's not my half birthday...

On another note, I need help. I've been asked to sing a song at church this Sunday night and it's supposed to be about listening. I can't think of any songs even remotely on the topic. If you can think of any, please let me know.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Tis Almost Time!

Anyone who didn't come to see Mal Webb on Friday night missed a fantastic night! It ended up being Kate, Rob, Alison, Andrew G (NOT from idol, just in case you thought I had celeb connections) and myself. He played for almost 3 hours this time! He's really big on audience interaction/participation. He gets people up to play instruments from time to time and I got up for 2 songs and played a little keyboard thing with a mouthpiece you have to blow in for it to make a sound. How fun! I even got a keyboard solo in each song! Haha! And Kate got up and did a dance demonstration with him. It was so fun! Anyone who hasn't been yet has to come at least once before he leaves. ONly 2 weeks to go!

Guess what I did yesterday? Ok, that was a rhetorical question for those of you who are trying to guess before I say what it is. But really, you can guess if you like. Go on. Try and guess. I mentioned it kind of in the first paragraph. Ok, now I'll tell you. I went keyboard shopping!!! That's right! I'm buying a keyboard!!! I'm soooooooo excited! I've played the piano for a number of years now, but I've never owned one. I've always had to go to other people's houses to pratice, or had to play on public ones. I can't wait to finally have my own!!! Hopefully I'll have one by next weekend. Does anyone know much about keyboards? I'm looking at either a Yamaha PSR 1100 or a Roland EXR 7. They have the craziest features! They were both on sale from $2000 to $1400. WHOO!!! :)

And can someone tell me what the hell this is?!

And this?!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Going to see Mal!

I'm going to see Mal Webb again tonight. I told you about him a few weeks ago, he's that amazing musician guy who can do anything! He can do anything with his voice, and I swear he knows everything there is to know about music! I can't wait! WHOO!

I went to visit Luke with Naomi today. We did some shopping, had lunch at Nandos (Mmmm... Nandos...) then went to the hospital. I also bought a 'make poverty history' band. Finally! I've had such trouble finding them anywhere! I bought one for Luke too. Everyone should buy them! You can now get them at any HMV store.

Naomi got a puppy last night!!! I went and saw it and it's soooo adorable! Here she is. She's called 'Sugar'. Coz she's so sweet... awww....

Image hosted by

Here are more photos from the hospital today.

This is mum & Luke

Image hosted by

This is the dolphin Naomi bought for him

Image hosted by

This is my blue turtle that he has ON LOAN from me

Image hosted by

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yay For Missy!

I'm sure I've told you how much I love Missy Higgins! I bought her new single this week 'the sound of white'. Even though I have her album, I buy all her singles too because they have all these awesome B sides! This one has 2 great B sides. My favourite Missy song is actually a B side on 'the special two' single. It's called 'drop the mirror'. Incredible song! I'm going to see her, Ben Lee, Ash Grunwald and the McMenamins on Oct 31st at the Sidney Myer music bowl. I can't wait!!! It's going to be so awesome! I'm going with Ingi and we can't wait!

I saw Luke again today. He didn't have such a great day. He's in a lot of pain (understandably) and he's getting bored (understandably). They tried to get him out of bed for the first time today, but he was just in too much pain, so they didn't, he just sat on the edge of the bed instead. He's coping fairly well, but it's hard for him. He said he's not in as much pain as he thought he'd be, but it's still pretty bad. I find it hard to see him like that. I feel so helpless. He's my little brother! :(

Keep praying for him guys!!!


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