Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Politics Time

Ok, election is upcoming. Here are some thoughts.

Unfortunately I feel that Australian politics has been watered down. At least half our population (and this is being extreeeeeemely generous) have no idea about party policies and vote purely on personality. It's a popularity contest, not a contest to see who can run our country most effectively. That makes me sad. Our politicians don't feel relatable or accessible, so people either tune out or make superficial judgements. And the election campaigns simply reinforce this with weak slogans and sound bites. It makes me sad that more people aren't passionate about the very nature of how to govern life.

End of rant :)


  1. Rebecca said...
    It seems to me elections these days are more about the "30 second grab" than policy that improves the country.
    Ross said...
    We're an apathetic, cynical lot, aren't we? Is that too harsh? I'm disappointed that there will only be one election debate this campaign. I think this is inadequate, and even then it's being broadcast early so it doesn't clash with Master Chef. Some parts of the media are doing detailed policy analyses, but how many voters actually bother to look at them?

    Abbott, Gillard, Steve Fielding, and even Bob Brown (shudder) come across as likeable people, but I'll be voting on policies, not personalities. Having said that, there's no way I'd ever vote for the Greens, but that's another story.
    Ludicrousity said...
    I hear and share your frustrations Ross. I'd love more debates!
    And Bec, I totally agree. How sad.
    Check this out. Helpful policy grid:
    Mutt said...
    So, what are your thoughts about Julia's hair?

    1 address to your new blog for me please.
    Ludicrousity said...
    I don't think about Julia's hair :)
    New web address texted to you special k.

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